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The Miracle Arcanjo

Christian Lepelletier
Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 7, 1999

Arcanjo is first the name of Mr. Espindola and it has the meaning of archangel in Portuguese. Arcanjo was blessed in 1989 with a British spouse, they have a daughter and they live in the state of Santa Catarina in the South Region of Brazil. Arcanjo started to work as a missionary in his hometown near Florianopolis in 1987.

Arcanjo discovered an original way to fulfill his mission spiritually and materially, based on his prayers and intuition. He bought Divine Principle books from Headquarters, and visited and contacted people to sell the books with a profit. For ten years he went through a very difficult course, we all know how it is difficult to convince people to buy a product like a Divine Principle book. His motivation is to help the persons he meets to receive a Blessing from God; as fallen human beings we all face problems in our life. When he meets a person with a family problem, financial difficulty or health problem, etc. or even to help one enterprise to become successful. He will talk to that person and say I will help you to solve your problem by giving a special condition: "Buy a Divine Principle book and you must read 144 min every day, 72 min in the morning and 72 in the evening". The reading time is for a minimum of one year to 21 years depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Since the last two years, he started to harvest the fruits of his long investment, now he can show impressive results, he sold 2500 Divine Principle books, from individual contacts to company presidents and business groups. He is visiting and following up continuously with his contacts to give advice and guidance. Miracles occurred, some could cure their sickness, or solved their family problems, some companies facing financial trouble could generate good profits, etc. For example in one company of 750 employees, the president asked his workers to read for Divine Principle for 72 min at the company, and then they read again at home in the evening 72 min more to fulfill the condition.

Arcanjo is receiving calls and requests to give lectures, his schedule became very occupied to accompany and guide all his spiritual children spreading around several cities, he is giving speeches to educate 1600 persons among his groups of Divine Principle readers.

Some wealthy and generous businessmen are sponsoring all his expenses to allow him to concentrate on his spiritual mission, he received an apartment with all the expenses paid for his family, including the food, a cellular phone, and a car. Two weeks ago his mission expanded to Brasilia the capital of Brazil, reaching out to high level contacts, his airplane tickets and hotel reservations are all funded by his group.

In the last Blessing 99, 7 pre-married couples and 2 singles among his followers flew to Sao Paulo to attend the Blessing ceremony at the headquarters temple, and this weekend he invited the President of the Family Association (FFWPU) to fly to Florianopolis to lecture to a group of 70 of his guests.

Christian Lepelletier
Sao Paulo

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