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Registration Ceremony in São Paulo

Christian Lepelletier
December 13, 2001

Dear friends,

About 360 families from Latin America gathered at the São Paulo HQ of the FFWPU on the 9th, 10th and 11th of December to participate at the 18th Workshop for the Registration Ceremony. The full name of the ceremony is the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Ceremony.

Originally this Ceremony takes place only in Chung Pyung, but due to economic difficulties to travel to Korea very few families from Latin America could make it to go to CPL (Chung Pyung Lake). Rev Heung Tae Kim, National Messiah from Brazil convinced Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim (representative of Dae Mo Nim) to come to São Paulo to make an extension of CPL activities, she said she opened a special "highway" for the angels to come to São Paulo and for the liberated spirits to go to Chung Pyung.

On the 19th of November about 200 Blessed wives gathered from Latin America to participate at the 21 day Blessed Wife Workshop, about 160 more came the following week. Then the husbands together with the children gathered and overcrowded the building for three days. Mrs Hyo Nam Kim came for the closing ceremony of the 21 day workshop, and to initiate the opening of the three day seminar for the Registration.

On the 11th in the morning was the Blessing Ceremony where the Blessed Wife offered the Holy Wine to the husband and the children, then right after a small break was the Blessing Ceremony for the liberated ancestors from past ceremonies where the participants dressed in white holy robes offered the Holy Wine to the ancestors by lifting up the small cup above the head and finally the ceremony to liberate the ancestors until 49 generations where the participants sit in lines singing repeatedly the song Grace of the Holy Garden in Portuguese and clapping to the rhythm of the drum.

The event was finished for the wives who completed 21 days and the children, they could go home, but the husbands where asked to stay until next Sunday to attend the eight day special seminar for the husbands, but due to professional schedule I could not attend this time, I will wait for the next opportunity.

Christian Lepelletier
Rio de Janeiro

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