The Words of the Lepelletier Family

Proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ in Sao Paulo

Christian Lepelletier
April 2011

Christian and his wife Hiriko are national messiahs to Brazil.

The Cathedral da Se Square is right in the center of Sao Paulo, where thousands of commuters converge every day; it is also the Zero Point, from which major roads begin that reach out to all regions of Brazil.

The square attracts many tourists, and all kind of people hang around there. Every day you can see and hear evangelical ministers preaching about Jesus, awaiting his return. When our small group wished to follow our international president's instructions to proclaim the Second Coming of the Messiah, I suggested we go to the preachers' corner.

I prepared three banners to display our message; the first reads, Christ has already come, the Messiah, the Returning Lord is on earth. The second displays the cover of Father's autobiography and the third is an overview of the Divine Principle in chart form.

The first Saturday of every month, I observed an evangelical group singing and praising Jesus there. So we chose to go there the final Saturday of each month. Our sister Dolor plays the guitar and leads songs, and then we take turns preaching, proclaiming that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the returning Christ. We approach people to tell them about the "breaking news."

The proclamation rallies are so important for us to build up our faith and to resurrect ourselves; all the brothers and sisters willing to take up the challenge are having great experiences. It is a good means to train ourselves, to develop our conviction. Doing this activity, we feel abundant spiritual life and energy flowing; we feel empowered.

We hope that we can spark a wildfire that spreads to all the corners of the earth. 

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