The Words of the Lepelletier Family

Reflection of the 7th Proclamation Rally in São Paulo

Jocelyn Lepelletier
March 26, 2011
2nd generation

This proclamation rally was a really good experience for me. As usual I was not really into it at the beginning, but more and more members came and we started singing and I started getting into it. It was good to see everyone around me handing out magazines, brochures and talking to the people. Usually we wait for the people to approach our circle but this time I could observe that everyone was approaching the people, even those who were at a certain distance from our group.

As I was walking around, a man approached me and asked me, if my father wouldn't come today. It was as if we knew each other already. I first thought he was a church member whose face I couldn't remember, but then he explained that it was the 3rd time he saw us doing this rally and that he likes listening my father (the French man) preaching. He said it was the second time he saw me. He was really positive towards us, and when a third man approached us and started criticizing True Father and our teaching, he defended me. I gave him a magazine and invited him for our Wednesday home group meeting. He was very happy and said he would come. I was happy to see that consistency does bring results; people are watching us, even though we might not realize. It gave me more motivation to do it every month.

I also realized how much I need to improve my Bible knowledge if I want to argue with some evangelicals. Well, at least each time I am able to learn new arguments that they use to confront us with, which is good.

Thank you God and True Parents for this experience. 

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