The Words of the Lepelletier Family

Fifth Proclamation Rally in Sao Paulo

Christian Lepelletier
February 10, 2011

We did our 5th monthly Proclamation Rally, on Saturday, January 29, in front of the Cathedral of Sao Paulo.

It was a great experience, not only as members of the Unification Church we have the opportunity to train ourselves, to build up our faith and to develop our conviction, challenging ourselves proclaiming the breaking news publicly. Doing this activity, we feel abundant spiritual life and energy flowing and empowering ourselves.

Beside this, we can meet prepared people sent by the spirit world. Last December I met Django, he was watching us with interest, I approached him. He said: "I am so glad to meet people like you, I am not satisfied with my actual life of faith, I left my catholic community, I need to be with people with conviction, going out, doing real missionary work and preaching God's words...."

I invited him to our Wednesday small groups meetings, he came already twice, we study the Divine Principle reading the book, and he showed interest, I lend him the book. I gave him True Father's autobiography, he almost finish to read it and he expressed great respect to our True Father. He wants also attend a Divine Principle seminar. 

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