The Words of the Lepelletier Family

Our reflection after Hyun Jin Nim's visit to Brazil

Christian Lepelletier
June 2, 2010

First of all, we would like to apologize and repent for the sorrowful and tragic incident that happened in the Brazil National headquarters.

How can we explain that violence occurred in our temple? Are we followers of the King of Peace? But we are still unable to build and practice a culture of peace in our movement.

If we cannot practice peace in our family and organization how are we going to teach others?

We believe that True Parents are the model of Peace and they gave us their teaching, so why we could not learn from them until now? We need to reflect and repent and make a new start.

This incident revealed that some leaders pretended to be members of the extended family of our True Parents, but in reality they insist that they are right and insist on their narrow selfish opinion.

Obviously we did not have even a proper channel of communication to initiate a dialogue, how could this happen in our own unification movement?

This incident could happen because in Brazil some individuals motivated by ungodly behavior, arrogant, aggressive, insisting on their own right are in the leadership position and manipulated the youth and members under them into that conflict.

Surely if we all reflect, specially the leaders and elders and examine our motivation, how much we are engrafted to the lineage of True Love, how sincerely we practice our life of faith, how much we value and respect each one as brother or sister, helping each other to fulfill our God given responsibility, this incident could have been avoided.

In Brazil, we need urgently to educate qualified, conscientious, trusted leaders of good characters and put them in the position of authority in the organization structure in the Latin America and national headquarters to maintain and represent True Parents' tradition and guide the members.

Christian and Hiroko Lepelletier
Brazil NM 

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