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Wife of former Brazilian governor appointed Ambassador for Peace

Christian Lepelletier
September 14, 2006
Sao Paulo, Brazil

."Lu" Alckmin, holding the Ambassadors for Peace Certificate, stands next to Pres. Simão to her right.

Mrs. "Lu" Alckmin, the First Lady of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, until her husband Geraldo left the post of Governor to run for President in the October 1st elections, took time out of her busy schedule to participate in the International Cultural Festival organized by the Womenís Federation for World Peace* on September 10. As President of the Solidarity Social Fund, she is involved in 1900 associations in the 645 cities of Sao Paulo State.

The State of Sao Paulo is the largest of the 27 states of Brazil in terms of population, economy, industry and number of immigrants. With its 40 million people, it is called the "locomotive of Brazil."

Lu was invited by two friends of hers, also well-known women: Ms. Rosemary Correa and Ms. Adellina Machado. Ms. Correa has served four terms (16 years) as State Deputy and is running for a fifth term. She is the President of the Security and Environmental Commission of the Legislative Assembly and has participated in international and national events promoting peace. Ms. Machado, a prominent businesswoman, journalist and President of the World Association of Businesswomen CEO, is running for election as a Federal Deputy.

Lu arrived around noon, at the end of the Festival, when guests were sitting at tables eating lunch. Mr. Simão Ferabolli, President of UPF-Brazil, gave a few words of welcome and explanation about UPFís activities, and then he offered her an Ambassador for Peace Certificate.

Lu was invited to the podium, where she shared a few words about her career, starting from its humble beginning in her hometown. She testified about her husbandís dedication to serve the state. Lu has been active in various social service projects in the state for many years; her activities are reported in the book "Six Lessons of Solidarity."

*Womenís Federation for World Peace is an affiliated organization of the UPF

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