The Words of the Leone Family

Washington Monument Testimony

Michael Leone
Circa 1980
Pastor of the Washington, D.C. Church

At that time there was what I will call "the big three" under Father--Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Mr. Takeru Kamiyama and President Neil Salonen, head of the Unification Church in the USA. I was working with all three of them as the 'executive coordinator' rallies at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. To say that it was exciting, hectic, crazy, intense, etc. would surely not do the events and those times real justice. I had worked on all of Father's tours around America previous to this, and I literally was so exhausted and warn out that clumps of my hair were falling out fairly regularly.

Because of the intensity and sacrifices going on by True Parents and so many brothers and sisters around the whole World, we were very close all the time. Madison Square Garden, which seemed like a real 'bear' at the time, was actually nothing compared to Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument.

It's funny, I get emotional just recalling this much from those times.

Father was always very positive and loving and great through all the ups and downs. He had more energy (Physical and Spiritual) than any human I had ever been around. Neil Salonen is a man with very great energy, who could work for weeks/months with very little sleep -- but Father and Mother too, put him and all of us to shame with their energy levels. Of course, they had God on their side much more than us, so it was a bit unfair.

I was sent from New York to Washington, D.C. to start and head up the campaign in D.C. Everyone was game and worked very hard from the moment we first were given the instructions to do it.

All the Brothers and sisters from everywhere, especially the East Coast, gathered thousands of guests, and Father was quite pleased. 

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