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Letter Communication With Spirit Self

by Dr. Sang Hun Lee and His Wife

This is the collection of the letters which Dr. Sang Hun Lee's (director of Unification Thought Institute) wife (Mrs. Han Sook Kim) sent to her husband (Dr. Lee) through Mrs. Jeong (Mrs. Young Soon Kim, Rev. Ho Woong Jeong's wife) and the letters which Dr. Lee sent to his wife (Mrs. Lee) through Mrs. Jeong.

These letters, with Dr. Lee's permission, were compiled by the Unification Thought Institute. Translated from Korean by Jin Choon Kim with corrections by Paul Dominique. Mrs. Lee: Mrs. Han Sook Kim, wife of Dr. Sang Hun Lee (director of UTI) Mrs. Jeong: Mrs. Young Soon Kim, wife of Rev. Ho Woong Jeong (minister of Little Angels School)

Letter from Mrs. Lee to Mrs. Jeong (1990.9.18)

Dear Mrs. Jeong: I'm Han Sook Kim, I'm Han Sook Kim, I'm Han Sook Kim. I'm Dr. Sang Hun Lee's wife, elder Kim.

Please don't doubt it. I'm writing to you within the Heavenly Father's permission. Dear Mrs. Jeong, I'm sorry for this help because this is not easy with your health.

Dr. Lee's stubbornness is beyond my description. Even though a person may be dying nearby, he will just follow Father's will without interruption. Dear Mrs. Jeong, please believe for sure what I'm saying now. If you come to this good sovereignty in spirit world, you'll know everything by feeling without other person's saying. You'll know everything by the light of Heavenly Father's holy spirit.

After I came to this spirit world I realized how wonderful our blessing (36 couple) is. Always I live with such a feeling that I talk with, give to, and attend Heavenly Father. Therefore, we can know all the Heavenly Father's will to work with us, to help us, and to make efforts for us. So, I'm speaking to you. I'm not a Han Sook Kim Satan. I'm in a significant Heavenly Father's throne (loyal place). I'm sorry that I have to ask you to help me.

Today I want to stop here. I'll write you again. Mrs. Jeong, I appreciate your efforts. In the future, whenever I come to you and beg for your help, please don't doubt me.

Please give my regards to Dr. Lee even for once. I'm sorry for asking.

From Mrs. Jeong to Dr. Sang Hun Lee (1990.9.21)

Dear Dr. Lee: This is what Mrs. Lee spoke to me from spirit world a couple of days ago. Because Mrs. Lee asked me again and again to tell you, I'm writing to you even though I hesitated.

At the beginning I said to Mrs. Lee that I couldn't tell to Dr. Lee. Then Mrs. Lee said, "I'll tell you, so please write what I'm saying to you.", so I could not help denying her request. Even though I write this letter with care and sincerity, my writing style is still poor and I apologize.

I worried that where Mrs. Lee had taken care of him so well, who would fill such a place in Dr. Lee's heart. Until now I didn't visit and greet you, so I'm very sorry. How can I understand enough what Mrs. Lee explained to me? I cannot understand deeply enough what I heard, that the position of 36 couples in spirit world is so great and wonderful.

From Mrs. Lee to her husband [Dr. Sang Hun Lee] (1990.9.21)

Dear Dr. Lee: Dr. Lee, you are going only one way for the sake of True Parents' will, and I'm sorry that I came to this comfortable place before you.

For a long time our couples have come a lonely way, and have lived only for the sake of God's will. I do not regret that, but I do regret that we have not given our love enough to our children and families.

The essence of God's will is love, but we have lived only for vertical love because we have thought that the vertical love is true love. Dr. Lee, please look around beside you in order to know where UTI members live, and how much difficulties they have endured in their lives. I'm not talking about material riches or wealth. Of course materials are also an expression of the heart. On holidays, please send warm words to them, and give gifts to each family. Everyone has lost morale (bright spirit), and is looking for an opportunity to fly away like a migratory bird.

When I was on earth, you didn't listen to my suggestions. When I came here to spirit world, I realized that our love was too narrow. Please open your arms, and embrace your members in your loving wings. If this situation continues, all your members will leave you one by one because they think there is no hope and no love in UTI. To whom can you hand over such a great Unification Thought in your earthly life? When you come here, you must leave everything on earth. Please throw away useless precaution to them. Instead please love them, and embrace them. After I came to this great place I realized more seriously that is Heavenly Father's love.

Please you must practice God's love. I respect you as a person who knows only God's will. But please finish your life with the beautiful profound love. I'm very sorry because I was not such a wonderful wife, so I beg your pardon.

Please embrace our children with love. Sincerely yours, From the spirit world where you don't know, Your wife Han Sook

From Dr. Sang Hun Lee to his wife [Mrs. Lee] (1990.10.16)

Dear my loving wife: I received your letter well, which you spiritually transferred to Rev. Ho Woong Jeong's wife, Mrs. Young Soon Kim, was in prayer.

First of all, I trusted and accepted that letter as yours because it was written by Mrs. Jeong who is a good example to others in devotion and sincerity to God.

I'm truly happy for your principled advice which you communicated to your husband on this earth through a person within a year since you ascended to spirit world. And since you said that you are in such a wonderful place, it solved all the anxieties that I have had so far. I can thank only Heavenly Father.

Immediately I put your advice into practice. I visited every UTI family, listened to their life situations, and talked with their wife and children. We had entertainment with songs, prayed for their happiness, and treated dinner to their whole family at a nice restaurant. I then gave some petty cash to their wife and children when we left each other.

Now UTI members are Byung Kyu Lee, Kwang Pil Choi, Jong Sam Lee, Doo Jae Chang, Chul Ha Hwang, Won Boon Yoon, Duk Moon Yoon, Sang Hak Kwon, two Miss Kim's. For around 10 days I visited everyone and the result was great. They expressed great thanks and Joy for the unexpected visit and grace.

This plan to visit UTI members' families was by your request. And as a matter of fact the plan was scheduled a couple of months ago under the title "Challenge of Model Establishment for Ideal Society". From this year (1990) the preparation for building the ideal society (Kingdom of Heaven on earth) gets into its stride, and I plan to make UTI a model institute for the ideal family attending True Parents.

I planned to put True Parents seats in UTI, to let the members bow whenever they attend and leave office. Also this will raise their spirits up through a sermon on daily morning meetings, and form a family love atmosphere through visiting their homes. Then I planned to visit members' families between Sept. 25 and Oct. 6 because visiting families is good around the Thanksgiving holiday. Also we could give a bonus to them for True Parents around that time. Fortunately your sincere request was also on time, so it was successful.

In order to prepare for building an ideal society, we need cooperation with other institutes and I believe that this is a practice of horizontal love too. We have decided not to reject the request for cooperation by other institutes as long as it doesn't bother our Unification Thought Movements.

The day before yesterday, "The Determination Rally for the peaceful unification of my country" was held by WIFVOC at the freedom center in Unification town near the 38th DMZ line. Around 400 women members attended, and I gave a congratulatory address by the chairwomen at Mrs. Cho's request. Later I heard the audience was deeply moved by my speech and they appreciated it. I left home at 8 a.m. and came back after 8 p.m., because as you know, it takes time to give love to others.

In the future I want to finish Unification Thought Movement as a whole. I also want to publish an academic book about Unification Thought and ask younger members to teach Unification Thought. I want to make as much time as possible for giving love horizontally, as you request. This is a dream I have had before.

Don't worry about my successor on Unification Thought. Already by Fathers direction 20 Ph.D. members listened to 21 day Unification Thought lecture workshop. They completely became my successor, and are now working actively in US, Japan, and Europe instead of me.

I apologize about not listening to your request to take care of members while I'm on earth. Actually I had a great plan by myself, but I gave you a hard time. Now I apologize to you, so please resolve your disappointment with me which you have had until now.

I have one request. By Fathers direction, I might go to the Communist world to give Unification Thought. If it is the case, please help me from spiritual world as you did on earth.

Finally, every Sunday morning pledge I also pray to Heavenly Father for you. The points are "Please let her study Father's words (Divine Principle and Unification Thought) continuously. Please let her become the realization of his words through practicing love, becoming the realization of love, and to attend the line of brothers and sisters, and Great Mother Hong. Please let her help the holy mission, that is the Unification of South and North, and the Unification of the World".

I have prayed this content many times in front of your picture, but as a poor person in spiritual communication. I don't know whether this prayer was delivered to you or not, therefore I'm telling these things to you through Mrs. Jeong's help. Please accept this. If you have something which you really want to tell me, please write to me. I will appreciate that.

About our children, I will take care of them and guide them, so please don't worry.

Now I want to stop here. Until we meet again in spirit world, please enjoy the peace, the love , and the blessing by attending the True Parents centered on Heung Jin Nim and Great Mother Hong.

Sincerely Yours, Your Husband Sang Hun Lee, On Earth.

From Mrs. Lee to her husband [Dr. Sang Hun Lee] (1990.10.20)

Dear Dr. Lee: Once again I really feel that you are precious and important. By letting Mrs. Jeong read your letter, we the royal people in spirit world listened to all the content. They envied me by saying "You have a husband who is a real filial son to Father"

I heard all your requests. I'll practice but also I don't have a body, where can I go? I'll be beside you to help you.

Now honey, I'm afraid of asking you , how old are you now? If you work so hard I'm afraid that you will lose your health which is important for heavenly work.

Really I have resolved all the resentment. Even though I know that you don't have enough time to practice love for the office members and for horizontal relationship with others, I expect you to come here after you resolve our false life on earth. Please take care of your health. Please do your best to have filial piety toward True Parents. I really feel sorry because I, this stupid wife, didn't give more help to you.

Maybe you are curious about me. Please don't worry about me because the place I'm staying at is too good. Really I am fine.

From Dr. Sang Hun Lee to his wife [Mrs. Lee] (1991.11.15)

Dear Honey: I couldn't help avoiding writing a letter to you two years after you ascended into spirit world. Please forgive me for writing this letter even though I know you are busier in spirit world than the physical world.

Since I received two letters from you through the church leader Rev Jeong's wife, in Sept. and Oct. of 1990, the world has changed a lot in a year, and Father's providence has progressed, as you know, much more.

True Parents already restored eldersonship, parentship, and kingship, and then directed the hometown movement to tribal messiahs. Also True Parents initiated the concrete providence in preparation for the unification of South and North.

Father stands at God's position in substance, and Mother teaches God's words for educating and awakening women as the second founder of the Unification church. Last Oct. 31st WFPA (Women's Federation for Peace in Asia) was founded centered on Mother. Now Mother's era is opened. By this the true liberation of women who have suffered for six thousand years, has been realized by Mother.

A few days later, Mother gave an important message to 150,000 nationwide women's representatives at the national rally for the unification of South and North, and the unification of Asia. You are also women, so please help in spirit world.

I also spent some very busy times according to Fathers will as an editorial writer of Segae Times, and as director of UTI I attended International Conferences, that is, two seminars in Germany, one in US, and ICUS in Seoul. I tried to do my best to make good result for returning joy to True Parents.

By this letter I really want to give my appreciation to you. As a matter of fact the real purpose of this letter is to ask your help for my research in Unification Thought.

Because Unification Thought is Father's thought, and because I cannot go to spirit world and I cannot ask everything to Father, I have difficulties. Because you are now in spirit world, I am writing with hope you can help with something for your husband. Please don't feel any burden, and I will appreciate if you can just answer whatever you know or whatever you experienced.

First, you mentioned that your living place is almost a great blessed place where royal families live and love is full. I heard that in spirit world there are many levels from the highest level to the bottom of hell. I want to know whether you have been to the bottom of hell in order to give love. Especially I want to know whether you have met my physical parents and physical elder brother's couple in spirit world. Also I want to know anything about Mrs. Jeong Sook Koo.

Secondly, I also heard that in spirit world their lives have food, clothes and shelter as in the physical world. I want to know whether you live at a house, and live by eating food. I heard that in spirit world, house and food appear whenever we want, and disappear whenever we don't want. I want to know whether you live by experiencing these things.

Thirdly, I want to know how to communicate in spirit world where there is no air and no voices. I want to know whether you feel any voice in mind by communicating between two minds. I heard that in spirit world you also have beautiful music. I want to know how such music can be formed and transmitted in the mind.

Fourthly, I heard that spirit world is a world of love. In Divine Principle "Love is an emotional force given by the subject to the object". On earth in a case of horizontal love, we express such force by consoling with sweet words, by giving materials (money) or by helping through service and cooperation etc. to the poor and to the people in difficulties. I want to know how to express love, because in such a high level of spirit world where you live, there are no such people who are in difficulties, no poor people, and no such people who need help. That is there are no objects to express love. In other words I want to know how to express horizontal love to others, except the horizontal love between husband and wife (for the vertical love to parents we can express by filial attendance to them).

I want to know about the above four points, but please don't feel any burden. It is okay if you just answer what you know. If you don't know, don't respond, or you can say later after you get an answer from others.

While I give Unification thought lecture, the audience asks many kinds of questions to me. About the earthly things, I gave all the answers with Father's teachings, but about spiritual things, I couldn't give an answer, so I was very frustrated.

I am sorry for this long letter. Now I must stop here. Please invest total filial piety to True Parents together with brothers and sisters centered on Heung Jin Nim and Great Mother Hong in spirit world. Please come to Earth and help our Unification Thought movement on Earth. And if you have time, I hope you can help your husband.

I pray for your eternal peace and happiness in spirit world.

Sincerely Yours: From your Husband Sun Hun Lee, On Earth,

From Mrs. Lee to her husband Dr. Sang Hun Lee (1991.11.19)

Dear my beloved Dr. Lee: How much are you lonely on this season that the asphalt road becomes a road of fallen leaves and the chilly wind starts to blow? I never have had resentment towards you. I am more proud of you after coming to spirit world, even after I respected you on Earth who had always gone the right way. Please don't miss your meals. I am always beside you, but because I don't have a body you will not know about that. Please take care of your health and live a long life. You keep more filial piety to True Parents, don't you?

You have many questions. Mrs. Jeong's health is not good. She feels pain in her arms. She is writing this letter while her face is glowing with heat. I feel sorry and sympathetic toward her. Your questions are not personnel but public, so I cannot help but ask her.

First Question:

I live at the most royal place and I go to the lower poor place anytime, and I went there. You asked how I can help them. I comfort them by love and by words, and also I witness to the sinners, and I talk about True Parents too. But they are not willing to listen, like the people on earth. They don't pay attention but nevertheless, if I approach people who have some good merit on earth, they try to listen.

You asked how we can communicate. If we look at each other, our minds can have give and take. Once we look up, we can understand the loving light of the eye. In spirit world too, we always witness, like in the physical world. In order to witness we go to the lower places. Their lives and their faces are dark, and in this place where I stay, we communicate brightly with light.

You asked about Mrs. Jeong Sook Ku. She is very fine with me. She says to me that she feels sorry to her husband because she came here to this wonderful place earlier than him, and lives such a wonderful life, even though her husband is anxious about housework and children.

And I met your physical parents and all the relatives. Even though their living place is not so good, it is nonetheless okay. I insisted that they live together with me here and I will attend them. But they left here, saying that, "This wonderful place is not the place where I can stay." In spirit world we can come naturally to this wonderful high level place if our children or descendants pray a lot and accumulate merit.

I met your elder brother and his wife, but it seems to take a little more time for them to come to this nice place. They don't have a foundation of sincerity (prayer, serving). But they will come here soon because I am here and you are on Earth.

Your physical parents visited here where I am living, but your elder brother and wife didn't visit at all. They said to me that they don't deserve coming here to this nice place. In other words, they ask, "How can they come to this royal family place, a great place like the White House" .

Second Question:

Dr. Lee, maybe you think that here in spirit world we live naked, without clothes because spirit world is invisible, don't you? But we wear clothes. Maybe you ask me where the clothes are. If we think to wear some kind of clothes we can wear those clothes naturally. Since whatever we think happens, we don't worry about clothes, food, and shelter. It is incredibly convenient. But in the lower place, such poor people cannot do the same thing. Their position can be changed if their descendants do good deeds to others on the sacrificial holiday of Memorial Day. That is, their position can be changed to a higher level place.

Sometimes there is a special benefit that suddenly a person (spirit self) in a lower level place, comes here to a royal family place. This case happens if his descendants give great benefit to others, or do a good deed to others. That is , by good descendants, ancestors can go to a better place. There is nothing free in spirit world, too. The situation is the same as in physical world. I am happy because you do your best with filial piety

Third Question:

We can understand each other by feeling(mind by mind) even without calling name or shouting names as in the physical world. And if we want to listen to a hymn, suddenly the sound of a hymn reaches to our ears. In other easy words, whatever song or refined music we think reaches to our ears. Everything we can hear together. We can dance too. Always we can keep such a mood as flowers in the full moon. It is very difficult to express unless you come here. But in the lower level of spirit world, they don't have.

Fourth Question:

Really, love is the supreme. In spirit world also love is the most fundamental as in the physical world. Even though we are a royal family that lives together, we still have a difficult time. We have many struggles, but if we keep a loving mind, this mind is immediately transferred to the other and will melt those struggles like melting snow in spring. But if we go to a lower level of spirit world, love doesn't work at all.

In order to make effort for others to understand love and in order to show love by practice, we use money or materials in the physical world. But in the spirit world, money doesn't work well to solve problems. Instead we do make an effort by practicing a serving heart.

For horizontal love relationship, we give and receive through mind and eye, and for conjugal love we go to physical world. Even I go to you nearby many times you don't realize, but I come back with joy. Because I live in such a wonderful place, I don't know so much about the situations of the lower level of the spirit world.

Even though I went there a couple of times for witnessing, I don't know their deep situations. Always there are people crying, fighting, and some bad smells. In physical world you cannot imagine how hell is. Though I went there a couple of times, I realized that only love is highest. If we say that our living in a higher level place is like a bright weather, the lower level of spirit world is like a cold winter night, where there is no music. Really we cannot describe the lower level of spirit world.

What I really want to tell you is that because the life on earth remains as the expression of eternal life in spirit world. If you attend the True Parents with filial piety, you don't need to worry about whether you can come to this wonderful place in spirit world. If we witness to children, and descendants offer sincerity (devotion with prayer), we can come here to this wonderful place in spirit world, even without ancestors good merit. By Divine Principle, I feel this more profoundly and think deeply in my mind.

Dear Dr. Lee, you are always a public man, regardless of my staying on earth or in spirit world. Keeping apart from public, please give me, your wife some love too. Am I not a woman? Can you understand how much pained and sympathetic my mind is when I see you eating alone? I will be with you whenever you are alone. Thank you very much for your donation to Rev. Jeong's church, I'm really appreciative of it. Whenever you do such deeds I, even as a royal family, become honored as if I had treated others the same way. I am sorry to Mrs. Jeong for making too much effort in the letter this evening.

Dear Dr. Lee, I will never leave you. Please wear warm underclothes, and please take care of your health.

Sincerely Yours: From a far distant heavenly place: Your Wife Han Sook

Message from Mrs. Lee on Thanksgiving Memorial Service (1992.9.9)

Place: Dr. Sang Hun Lee's home

Dear Mrs. Jeong: How are you? I am Han Sook Kim. I am also so amazed that I cannot tell whether I am in spirit world or on earth. I came here to help with something for Mrs. Jeong's great job. And also Heavenly Father wants me to go. Heavenly Father asks me to tell the situations of spirit world to the people on earth.

Dear Mrs. Jeong, let's understand each other because you and I have the same heart to live for others. What can we not do if we want to live for the sake of the True Parents? If we cannot understand each other I cannot come to you because of being sorry. Please understand me. I want to write a letter for Dr. Lee. Please lend me some time. I am very sorry for that.

Dear Dr. Lee, I am Han Sook, your wife Han Sook Kim. How much did you wait for my news? I know all your heart. But how can I do. My heart longs for you. We are not the only couple who are separated from each other, and who miss each other in their hearts. I worry about your health. I know well that all the foods are not suitable to your health. You must live a long life. Please come here after you reveal the secret of spirit world, and thoughts of physical world, and God's will in detail on earth for the sake of True Parents by living a long life.

These days in this heavenly kingdom of spirit world flowers are in full bloom with the spring of blessing. When there are blessing events on earth, we in spirit world, are talking with each other about our euphoria (happiness), intoxicated with more ecstasy and beauty than earth, and blooming of flower of the mind.

We prayed a lot for True Parents health. Rev. Hyo Won Eu (the first president of HSA-UWC in Korea) gives DP lecture restlessly, Heung Jin Nim and Great Mother Hong pray again and again for True Parents health with incredible sincerity. Especially Great Mother Hong prays unceasingly for True Mother, True Children, and True Grandchildren. Everyday our life consists of prayer, singing our hymn's, and service. Our life is such a beautiful heavenly kingdom life. But without coming here you cannot understand. In conclusion it is just happy. I am not such a person who follows wherever you go and controls you whatever you do. But always I pray for you.

Dear Dr. Lee, can't our children receive pre-marriage blessing? There is no exception. For the happiness in this world we must receive blessing. But it is pitiful that I cannot show this world to you. Before you come to this world, please you must accomplish our child's blessing. Otherwise we will not have a foundation.

Dear Dr. Lee, thank you. I really appreciate you because you hold memorial service in advance to make me not alone. I thank you and respect you, because you are careful (shrewd). Today Heavenly Father gave me a graceful long time, so I'm writing a long letter to you. In this spirit world, love is really precious. So we need only love. It is not the love of material, but the love of mind.

Dear Dr. Lee, whenever you feel alone, please look at this flower (oriental orchid) which I gave to you. This is my gift for you. Dear Dr. Lee, even though I miss you but I don't wait for you to come here soon. Please live a long life, and please attend the True Parent's will forever.

The waiting and my missing heart for you is much stronger in this world, but I will overcome and pray for God's will on earth. Please say to our children that I am very fine.

Sincerely Yours, from your wife, Han Sook.

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