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Sainthood for Sale

In Hoi Lee
April 5, 2001

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a very deep experience I had recently. It was the New York "We Will Stand" Tour 2001. On this evening I saw hundreds of ministers some, who would not honor True Parents in the past, stand and applauded with enthusiasm. In the program, the Christian leaders praised Rev. Moon for his courage and love that has stood the test of time. True Parents were truly moved and so was I because I saw the fulfillment of God's dream.

On April 16th The Washington DC We Will Stand Tour will take place. It has been a long hard fight to get us to this point but we still have a ways to go. We have planned the most wonderful and spirited program to surround the arrival of our True Parents but the reality is we have not met our Fund Raising Goals to do it. Therefore, we are asking that you look into your heart and consider being a donor on one of the levels of Blessed, Divine Saint, Silver Saint or Golden Saint. Remember, all members are asked to donate $800 per family to prepare for our True Parents visit. Your added support is appreciated and will be recognized by you receiving the gifts listed above.

Please be a sponsor and you will be a Saint

1st level - Blessed Saint $800
Name entered into Program

2nd level - Divine Saint $3,000
Name entered into Program
Audio tape of event
Video tape of event

3rd level - Silver Saint $5,000
Names entered into Program
Video and Audio tape of event
Signed album by performing artists
Signed Declaration

4th level - Golden Saint $10,000 and over
Name entered into Program
Video and Audio tape of event
Signed album of performing artists
Signed Declaration
Gold Watch

Thank you CBF
Rev. In Hoi Lee

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