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Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth and Dae Mo Nim's Questions and Answers

In Hoi Lee
August 23, 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to each of you and your families. Last week I spent several days in Alaska with our Parents celebrating the third anniversary of the Holy Day, "Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth". Father called this day the most holy of all holy days. It is the day of the Sabbath for our Heavenly Father where he could finally rest within one family on the earth. In Alaska Father asked the American elder son country to mobilize 52 leaders to go to Japan by the end of August to inherit the spirit of the Mother nation of Japan. Our American leadership will spend 30 days in Japan and 10 days in Korea. While they are there 52 Japanese leadership will come to America to work with our brothers and sisters. Father's deep desire is to bring our three nations into oneness, Korea, Japan and America. I would like to share the following 7 points written by our President of our American Church, Dr. Tyler Hendricks concerning this mobilization.

1. "At the beginning of his speech at the Main Ceremony (August 17), Father talked about the need to unify America and Japan. It had to do with the ocean providence. A few minutes later he spoke about Korea, Japan and America becoming one nation. "They should be equal, based on love, overcoming selfishness and connecting everything to Heavenly Father's ownership." Already Sun Jo Hwang is president of both the Korean and Japanese churches, and Katsumi Otsuka is Vice-President of both churches. Half of the leadership of the Japanese church are Korean, and there are countless Korean-Japanese blessed couples. Now is the time for America to engraft to this foundation. "Korea, Japan and America are one nation. Their presidents should unite. I will help you unite. If the parents and children unite, they will have the same concept. We need the unity of father and children and mother and children. Through the father's ideas and heart the entire family will prosper and develop. He concluded that we should receive a servant's certificate from Japan win their blessing and offer it to Father. This will lead to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, by American leadership learning how to be the elder son. The elder son inherits the mother's spirit and attends the father through the mother's education. If the elder son does not engraft to the mother, he becomes Cain.
2. Engraft with the mother nation. This is the foundation for the second generation of Korea, Japan and America (all the world) to be blessed together. The goal is for international families to live together in condominiums. Their offspring will be the true elder son nation. The Kingdom of Heaven comes through their blood lineages being mixed, creating heavenly citizens.
3. It is the chance for the American leadership to inherit on a deeper level the Korean and Japanese tradition. We will visit the holy places of the church in Korea for 3 days in October.
4. It is a condition of lesser indemnity for America to "replace" Japan.
5. Americans need to love another culture. In this way I broaden myself and also serve my mother and father on the national level.
6. The three nations become one nation with one culture. We need to learn Korean.
7. We can learn the organizational styles of the Japanese and Korean churches. We can learn many external points as well as internal points that we can apply back in America.
Dr. Yang will spend most of the 40 days in America, with a week or two in Japan. Under him at National HQ will be Jorg Heller our control tower! Three Vice-Presidents will remain in America: Rev. Schanker will cover the East Coast, Rev. Jenkins will cover the rest of the country, and Mrs. Kobayashi will guide and coordinate Kodan through this special providence. Through this method, the American church foundation will also develop new leadership." (end of letter- Dr. Hendricks)

Brothers and sisters from our region, Rev. Levy Daughtery (State leader of VA and V.P. of our Church), Rev. Gregg Jones (State leader of MD), Rev. Zegery Oliver (Asst. Pastor for the Washington Church), Rev. David Reed (City Leader in Richmond, VA), Howard Self (Pure Love Alliance, North Carolina) and I also will be joining this mobilization to Japan. Father has asked each of us to be there by August 30. These brothers are our representatives of all our American brothers and sisters, it is an offering we are making together as one. As you probably know as a public person, or as a State Leader they do not have a stable income from a full-time job, even though they work entirely for the public mission. Some of these families have many children and it is not so easy to arrange their financial situation in such a short time before they leave. While they are gone I would like to ask if all our families could work together to support these families financially for these 40 days. I know everyone is working hard and has so many responsibilities, especially financial regarding Dae Mo Nim's visit. If every family could offer $40 ($1 a day for 40 days) towards this "inheritance mobilization " we can support our brothers going to Japan and support their families here in America. Please send to H.S.A.-U.W.C., 1610 Columbia Road, N.W, Washington, DC. Attention: Mother's Inheritance Fund. Thank you very much for your support of this mobilization.

Thank you so much for taking time to read a long letter and understanding the new direction given by Father. I believe that we are living in an amazing time together. Therefore, I would like to bless you all, living together as brothers and sisters in the name of True Parents.

Rev. In Hoi Lee

PS. We will hold our first General Membership Meeting after Sunday Service, August 29, at Columbia Road. Reports will be given by various departments, such as the Financial Committee, the Second Generation, the last Hoon Dok Hae conference, Pure Love Alliance, etc. Please come and participate with your suggestions on developing our Church. Please, beware of this special meeting and arrange your family situation to attend and give us your ideas.

Questions and Answers Concerning Dae Mo Nim's Visit

Many questions have come up since I sent the last letter concerning Dae Mo Nim's Liberation/Blessing event on September 4. Headquarters received answers from Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Richardson, her translator. So here they are:

Q. a) If one spouse can not attend the event, can the oldest child represent the spouse's lineage? b) Can I take a picture of my spouse who can not attend the event to get my spouse's ancestors blessed.

A. If one spouse ABSOLUTELY can not attend the event, (because the spouse is out of the country for instance, or in a hospital) then the other spouse can get both lineages blessed.

Q. Can our ancestors still be blessed even though we did not complete our ancestor liberation donation ($700 per lineage).

A. The deadline to make the donation for the ancestor liberation was June 30th. The ancestors of those who did not cover this donation completely are in a waiting area, not part of the workshop. For the ancestors to be blessed, they have to be admitted to the workshop at least by the date of the Blessing (better yet, the day before the Blessing or earlier). When the full donation is made, the ancestors can come down. They will be blessed. After the Blessing they will go back to the workshop and continue their education.

Q. If in a family the ancestors of only one side have been liberated, is it necessary for the spouse to be there?

A. This is up to each couple. The spouse could support the blessing of the one lineage that has been liberated, even wear the Holy Robe doing so. (my comment: they should also consider liberating the lineage that has not been liberated yet. The spouse has to be present in order for Dae Mo Nim to do that).

Q. Will there be a Heaven and Earth (one spouse in the Spirit World the other on Earth) Blessing.

A. Yes! For those who have received the Heaven and Earth engagement, there will be a Blessing Ceremony. Also those (new applicants) who also want to have the Heaven and Earth Blessing can come. There will also be a ceremony for those who have a second generation child in the Spirit World.

Q. What if our couple could not find a matching candidate or guest. Can we still come to the Blessing and will our ancestors be blessed?

A. You should absolutely make a strong effort to bring one blessing candidate to the Blessing. If, however, you have no success in doing so, come to the Blessing anyhow. Your ancestors will be blessed.

Correction concerning the Ancestor Liberation Form:

In the top part of the form, regarding the names. Please just write your name and the name of your spouse. The names of your children are not needed this time. Leave those spaces blank.

However, we do want to know how many children are coming to each event. When you send your name list to your event city to let them know that you are attending, include the number of the children you are bringing. No names are necessary.

Q. Can those who could not make the full amount of their Ancestor Liberation Donation get their 8-14 generation ancestors liberated, even though they can not get their 1-7 generation ancestors blessed.

A. No! In order to get your 8-14 generations liberated, your 1-7 generations need to be blessed first.

Q. Do both, husband and wife, have to be present to get the 8-14 generation ancestors liberated.

A. Husband and wife together at the liberation ceremony is ideal. However, in if one spouse is sick, out of the country, or even negative to the movement at this time, the other spouse can liberate both lineages.

Q. For the Heaven and Earth Blessing: Can the blessing candidate from the earth side be represented by the grown up children? For instance, the children are here in the USA and the blessing candidate is in Japan. Is that possible?

A. Yes! One of the grown up children, with the picture oft the earthly blessing candidate, can represent the couple receiving the Heaven and Earth Blessing on earth.

Holy Robes

Dae Mo Nim wants to create a very holy atmosphere for this Blessing. She is requesting for all couples who are getting their ancestors blessed to wear their Holy Robes.

We would like to inform you that the Holy Robes have arrived from Korea for those who ordered them. Please arrange to collect them after the General Membership Meeting at the Columbia Road Church Sunday, August 29th. Mrs. Fumi Oliver will be handling the holy robes.

Prayer condition and Holy Ground: Although many brothers and sisters in our region began a prayer condition on July 26-Sept. 3 to prepare for this special occasion, I would like to ask all families to participate in a 7 day prayer condition beginning Friday night 10:00 p.m, August 27th - . September 2. If your family lives in the metropolitan area please join with brothers and sisters at the Holy Ground at 10:00 p.m. We can share Hoon Dok Hae together and prayer together for this great and holy blessing of our precious ancestors.

Guests: Please let our office know when you send in your registration form and ancestors list how many guests you are bringing and the names of the guests. Ideally each guest should fill out an ancestors 1-7 generation form, but if this is not possible please let us know before Dae Mo Nim arrives what the guest(s) names are.

Please come and participate on September 4 with Dae Mo Nim even if you do not have the offering that is requested, because there is no price we can put on this incredible grace from our Heavenly Father.

If you need any additional forms, especially the 1-7 generations, heaven and earth blessing, those who have second generation in the spirit world please contact the office, we will be happy to get the appropriate forms to you.

May God Bless each of you and your families!

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