The Words of the Lee Family

Revival Tour in Boston and Seattle

Sung San Lee
March 1989

Rev. Bruce Williams prays at the Boston revival.


Rev. Sung San Lee of Region 1 set the tone and inspiration at the outset of the Boston area's March 1989 revival campaign by asking brothers and sisters "How can we here in America best support this year's motto, 'Unification of the Fatherland'?" Quoting from Father's words at Chongpa Dong Headquarters Church before he left Korea to come to America -- "Let us unite for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" -- Rev. Lee explained that Father's message was that through unification of the mind and body, unification of husband and wife, unification of the church within the Unification movement, and unification of the tribe, the unification of Korea will be accomplished. Emphasizing Father's direction to Witness, Rev. Lee asked all brothers and sisters, no matter what their missions, to fully participate in the revival effort.

This was fulfilled as 186 members in the region participated in the March event. From the revival witnessing, March 11-15, there were 79 lecture and evening program guests, 24 two-day workshop guests, and six five-day workshop guests. At the end of the revival, there was a region-wide leaders meeting where it was agreed to continue to witness through a monthly regional revival and workshop program.

Continuing from this hopeful start, the region plans to strengthen its unity and increase membership in all departments, and thus truly unite with Father's heart and will.

President James Baughman and the revival tour staff lead several songs at the Seattle revival.


In Seattle, there was a similar outpouring of the revival spirit. Father visited Region 9 in December 1988, calling it a "seed foundation" place and asking that witnessing be the focus there; therefore, witnessing preparations were already underway when the revival tour team visited in early March 1989.

Over 200 members participated at the two days of general membership revivals. On fire from the inspirational messages of President Baughman and other speakers, and uplifted by the music of the New Vision Band, brothers and sisters went out that week and brought many guests to the weekend workshop conducted by Rev. Kevin McCarthy.

President Baughman and Dr. Mose Durst were able to appear on two radio shows rebutting a newspaper article printed in the Seattle Times just days before the revival was held.

As in other revivals being held in cities around the country, there was renewed determination and hope that through the unity of members in our church centers, departments, and businesses in the movement, we are on the way to reviving America, supporting the unification of Korea, and building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. 

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