The Words of the Lee Family

New Leaders of Korean Movement

Jae Suk Lee
October 1981

Rev. Jae Suk Lee was recently chosen as the president of the Unification Church in Korea, succeeding Mr. Young Whi Kim, who had held that position since 1970. Rev. Lee, one of the 36 blessed couples, had previously been head of the interdenominational movement begun by Father in Korea as well as editor of Weekly Religion, a widely-distributed publication in Korea, featuring news of all religious groups. An early member of our church, Rev. Lee has served over the years in various positions of regional leadership of the Unification Church in Korea.

HSA-UWC was established in 1954 and Mr. Hyo Won Eu served as president from that time until his death in 1970. Mr. Young Whi Kim, who along with Rev. Won Pil Kim and Mr. Eu was among the three couples blessed a week after our True Parents in 1960, is now in Europe, working with our church there. In addition, Mr. Hwan Chae Hwang served briefly as president, and is now responsible for fishing activities.

The International Federation for Victory Over Communism will now be led by Dr. Sang Hun Lee, best known for his work on Unification Thought and Communism: A Critique and Counterproposal. Established in Korea in 1968, the IFVC had previously been headed by Mr. Yong Suk Choi.

40 Day Training Becomes More International

The location of 40-day workshops, attended by members from many nations, will no longer be just in New York. The upcoming 40 day workshop, beginning in October, will be held in the Philippines, allowing many members in Asia an opportunity to attend. Plans call for the following one to be held in Europe and a subsequent one in Africa. Thus, members will be able to attend these international workshops as they are held in a nearby location. 

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