The Words of the Lee Family

The 5th Principle Seminar for Professors

Jae Suk Lee
January 10 -- 11, 1972

Mr. Lee is giving lecture to professors.

Under the auspices of the Nation-wide Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles, the 5th Principle seminar was held for two days from January 10th to January 11th at the Christian Academy House located in Sooyoo-Ri, Seoul. The lectures were given to 77 professors from 25 colleges and universities across the country by Mr. Jae Suk Lee and Mr. Chang Sung Ahn.

Professors are hearing of lectures on the Divine Principles at the Christian Academy House

After the lectures were over, most of the professors spoke very highly of the Divine Principles. Especially Dr. No Shik Park from Kyonghee University gave a great deal of interest announcing his study on the Principles entitled "Cosmology of Principles in view point of geographical history." In his announcement he said, "As far as my one-year study on the Principles goes, I dare to say that the Principle is a new Bible for the unification of religions in the 20th century in view of geographical history and science of religion. The Principle of Creation explains well the formation of the earth in scientific and logical ways."

Taking picture after the seminar in the front of the Main Hall, Christian Academy House 

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