The Words of the Lee Family

4th Principle Seminar for Professors

Jae Suk Lee
August 24 -- 26, 1971

35 prominent professors from the country took part in the 4th Principle Seminar between August 24th and 26th, on the Chung Pyung lakeside under the auspieces of K-CARP (Korean Collegiate Association for Research of Principles).

Lectured Principles (by Rev. Jae Suk Lee) and spoken on the subject of "Philosophical Value of Principle" (by Mr. Sang Hun Lee, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors, IFVC), all the attendants including Prof. Jong Hyuk Hong (Tonggook University), Jung Shik Lee (Tonggook University), Byung Wha Kim (Seoul National University), Yung Sam Kim (Choongubk Univ.) and Bae Am Lee (Kongook Univ.) set a high value on the Principles. 

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