The Words of the Lee Family

The Fourth Public Hearing of Divine Principles

Jae Suk Lee
April 19 -- 21, 1971

During the period between April 19th and April 21st, with the presence of 68 pastors from the established churches throughout Korea, there was the 4th public hearing of Divine Principles under the auspices of HSA-UWC at the Training Center, Sootaek-ri, Koori-myun, Yangjoo-kun, Kyunggi-do. As well as all the participants to the public hearings which had been held already three times before were much impressed, this time, their listening to the lecture of the principles was quite different from their having been sentimentally looking coldly upon the principles and the Unification Church, and the wall among the Christian sects and denominations seems to be out of sight.

The preceding part of the Principles was taken charge of by Rev. Jae Suk Lee and the latter part by Director Jung Whan Kwak of Taegu District and Director Chang Sung Ahn of the Educational Department of HSA. 

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