The Words of the Lee Family

The 2nd Principle Seminar for Professors

Jae Suk Lee
March 1, 1971

Rev. Lee lecturing Divine Principle

Under the auspices of the Collegiate Association for Research of Principles, the 2nd Principle Seminar for professors opened at Christian Academy House with the presence of 88 professors from nation-wide universities. Between February 28th and March 1st, professors heard the lectures of the Divine Principles with their deep concern. The fore part of the Divine Principles was lectured by Rev. Jae Suk Lee, President of the Association of Christian Unifying Movement in Korea, and the latter part of the Principles by Chang Sung An, Director of Education Department of HSA-UWC.

Christian Academy House

After the lectures some professors gave critiques of principles. Dr. Yun Hyok Kwon, professor of Tongkook University, published a treatise, "Religious Revolution and Principle of Creation" which was deeply interested by almost participants.

Professors' hearing the lecture of Principle

The essential outline of Dr. Kwon's treatise is as follows:

Today's mankind requires revolution of religion, philosophy and other 'fields, and reformation could be only accomplished on a new basis of any principle. The Principle has to give a new life to the desperate people and make a turning point for a new World. This has to also overcome Nihilism that is not solved by Existentialism in this age. Therefore, we need a new styled religion and I believe that this could be done by the Principle of Creation in the Divine Principles, doctrine of the Holy Spirt Association for the Unification of World Christianity. 

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