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The Second Public Hearing 'Divine Principles' to the Leaders of Established Churches

Jae Suk Lee
February 15 -- 17, 1971

Pastor Lee Jae-Suk Lectures Principle for established Churches

During the period between February 15th and February 17th, at the Poong-jun Hotel, downtown Seoul, there was the 2nd public hearing of Divine Principles with the presence of 87 pastors and theologians from the established churches throughout Korea with Mr. Myung Hee Lee in the chair under the Association for Christian Unifying Movement. Their listening to the lecture of the Principles long hours was quite different from their having been sentimentally looking coldly upon the Principles and HSA, and the wall among the Christian sects or denominations seems to be out of shape. Following the prayer of Dr. Suk Yung Chang, President of the Association, President

Pastors of established Churches hear Divine Principle

Young Whi Kim of the Holy Spirit Association made his compliments as follows. "As Matt. 5:9 goes that blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God, we can and should stand above all the prestige, and regarding with jealousy for the fulfillment of sacred mission bestowed from heaven." After the completions, Rev. Jae Suk Lee said that the Association had made preparation for the public hearing so as to make the doctrine and contents of Unification Church studied, and reviewed directly out of indirect and imaginary criticism in addition to the announcement of schedule. The preceding part of the Principles was taken charge of by Rev. Jae Suk Lee and the latter part, by Director Chang Sung An of the Educational Department of HSA. After the lecture of preface, there was some who asked whether the Divine Principles was what Jesus wished but couldn't say for fear of their being unable to bear. Following the lecture of the first part, at night there were briefings by Director Ki Suk Lee of General Affairs Dept., HSA, Director In Soo Han of GA Bureau, IFEC and Director Hyun Soo Whang of Students Guidance Dept., HSA and in the lecture of the concluding part of the Principles, there were historical consideration of God's inherent Providence for redemption in the human history comparing with the histories of Israel, Christianity and the World and interpretation of the cause of providential synchronism. At night on February 16th, Japanese women family staying in Korea attended and made tea party for the audience. 

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