The Words of the Lee Family

The discussion for the cleanup of faith

Jae Suk Lee
January 21, 1971

Speaking of Jae Suk Lee

Between 1 and 4 p.m. on January 21st, 1971, there was a religious discussion for the cleanup of faith with the presence of Christian leaders of the established churches at the Poongjun

Hotel, downtown Seoul under the auspices of the Holy Spirit Association. The main debaters are as follows.

Dr. Chul Ha Han: Korean Presbyterian College
Dr. Dong Ik Sur: Yonsei University
Professor Sang Hee Moon: Yonsei University
Professor Byung Gil Chang: Seoul National University
Dr. Yoon Hyuk Kwon: Dongkook University
Dr. Young Doo Kim: Korea University
Rev. Jae Suk Lee: HSA
Rev. Young Oon Kim: HSA 

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