The Words of the Lee Family

Principal Seminar for Professors at Seoul National University hosted by K-CARP

Jae Suk Lee
January 10 -- 11, 1971

President Young Hwi Kim gives a greeting at the Principal Seminar

Between January 10 and 11, 1971 there opened the Principal Seminar for professors at Academy House, the north eastern suburbs of Seoul with the presence of over 60 prominent professors from nation-wide universities including Seoul National University under the supervision on K-CARP.

The first part of the Principles was lectured by Rev. Jae Suk Lee, the Association of Christian Unifying movement in Korea, and the latter part by Director An Chang-Sung of Education Department, HSA.

Professor Young Doo Kim, the theme lecturer said, "The Discourse of Divine Principles is sure to be the renowned Scripture which comprises oriental religions such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism intellectually and theoretically and the Holy Spirit Association is worthy to be a Korean religion. To sum up, the Divine Principles is the modern expression of Korean religious sentiment."

Professors from nation-wide Universities

In the latter part of 1970, Director Nam Dong Sur of Theological College, Yonsei University already saw through the discourse saying that it is the great theological outcome of Korea leading the van of modern theology, which undermined the established churches.

Some of what they had in mind is as follows:

Prof, Jung Shik Hong (Tonggook University): Rational interpretation of Christian theology is a daring trial and new miracle.

Prof. Hang Nyung Lee (Korea University): An affirmative assimilation of Buddhism and the male and female principles by the Divine Principles is quite different from and eminent than any other religious and it's possible for such an attitude to look forward to bring peace of mankind.

Dean No Shik Park (College of Liberal Arts and Science, Kyunghee University): The divine Principles tried to find out Koreanized one by means of making approach of religion and science and made great contribution to the approachment of the Bible and life.

Prof. Yoon Hyuk Kwon (Tongkook University): The Divine Principles showed a vigor for Korea to be fountain head of new world culture to Korean people without any great dream.

Made special mention by the five leading papers such as the Hankook Ilbo, Tonga Ilbo Chosen Ilbo Choongang Ilbo, Kyunghyang Shinmoon and other papers, the seminar held public eye at the beginning of the year 1971. 

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