The Words of the Lee Family

Over 30 prominent Christian leaders hear Divine Principles

Jae Suk Lee
November 28, 1970

If it be true for theology to be a human effort groping for the new understanding of God's historical and universal Providence, by means of reevaluating the past toward current and perspective world, there is no denying the urgent necessity of new theological pursuit to cope with the chaotic political, economic, social and ever religious situations. So as to meet such a time, there opened a public hearing of the Divine Principles at Academy House with the presence of over 30 prominent Christian leaders between November 26th and 28th, 1970.

At 11; 30, November 26th, the hearing began with Mr. Myung Hee Lee, official of The Association for Christian Unifying Movement in the chair in the Palgakjung (Octagonal arbor) Academy House, so- called The Plaza for dialogue located in the northeast of Seoul.

After the prayer of Rev. Tae Chul Huh of the Yun Dong Presbyterian church (Seoul), President Young Hwi Kim of The Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity), addressed as follows.

"Our association has grown amidst outward impeachment and blame, but I sincerely hope for the association to be rightly evaluated without any prejudice of heresy.

This is the reason of having this hearing". Announcing programs and introducing lectures, Reverend Jae Suk Lee said that neither persuasion nor evangelization was the aim of the hearing and advised to hear the lectures without feeling any burden.

Since 2 p.m. of the first day, Rev. Jae Suk Lee delivered the first part of the Divine Principles till the next morning with question and answer after the lecture of every chapter and there was 30 minute briefing of the activities of the Unification Church, International Federation for Extermination of Communism and Collegiate Association for Research of Principles by Director Ki Suk Lee of General Affairs Dept. of HSA and sub-director In Soo Hahn, Director of GA Bureau of IFEC, Dae Oh Sohn, of Korean University. The last including Re-coming of Christ was lectured by Mr. Chang Sung An, director of theological institute, IFEC about for 7 hours. The audience was in between thirties' and forties' in charge of Christian, Buddhist, Won-Buddhist churches.

Come what may, it was perilous for them to join the public hearing of the Divine Principles giving rise to scandal home and abroad, however most of the participators regretted not to have been accompanied by their colleagues and helped them attend the hearing by telephone. 

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