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Introducing a Moving Hoon Dok Devotion of Eun-Ju Lee (a Fifth Grader) in Pyeongtaek Church

Jeong-Ho Ha
March 29, 2013

I am introducing the Hoon Dok devotion of Eun-Ju Lee (a fifth grader at elementary school), the first daughter among the three children (2 daughters and a boy) of the family of Jae-Myeong Lee and Yayoi Taru, a 360 million-couple blessing family. Perhaps all of you will be surprised.

Since the nationwide Hoon Dok devotion of reading the One-Hour Chart Divine Principle 100 times began in May 2012, Eun-Ju Lee, too, started it. In the beginning, everybody thought that simply because others were doing it, she was also doing it as a girl whose hobby was to read books always. But, while most other people, after finishing reading it 100 times, were doing Hoon Dok only to some degree, she since then became happy and interested in Hoon Dok and has been doing it after school until bedtime, thus covering the One-Hour Chart 100 times, the Three-Hour Chart 100 times, Peace Messages 6 times, Cheon Seong Gyeong 1 time, and Father's autobiography 100 times. She is now reading Exposition of the Divine Principle for the 85th time. Isn't it truly surprising?

As a pastor, I was so moved that I asked her why she could do Hoon Dok that ardently. According to her, she wonders why, but Hoon Dok brings a full of grace, and she does it because she feels like doing so. Furthermore, Eun-Ju Lee is a very bright and beautiful girl. She also studies well. She is a filial child for her parents. Her family is a blessed family, and her father is a model general affairs person of the church.

But, the financial hardship, with which her grandfather and her father struggled with, was very serious. Surprisingly, however, thanks to Eun-Ju's Hoon Dok devotion, various family problem and financial problems which have not been solved for tens of years are being solved. And, recently whatever is decided in their minds is materialized as it is, and they feel that their situation has changed due to Hoon Dok devotion.

From now Eun-Ju Lee wants to become the best Divine Principle lecturer, and it is her dream. We feel that she is spiritually and physically a very beautiful child like a spring that wells up.

What is shown below is her 5-minute testimony give at the church service on March 3. If you are more interested, you can call the cell phone of her mom,

Yayoi Taru

Testimony of Eun-Ju Lee

Hello. I am Eun-Ju Lee, a fifth grader at elementary school. I started Hoon Dok from May last year. Until now I have done the One-Hour Chart Divine Principle 100 times, the Three-Hour Chart 100 times, Peace Messages 6 times, Cheon Seong Gyeong 1 time, and Father's autobiography 100 times. I am now reading Exposition of the Divine Principle for a 85th time.

During the Hoon Dok period, I went to a workshop held at Kuri for the training of Divine Principle lecturers. There, the teacher and True Father said that we second generation members all must become Divine Principle lecturers. By going to the workshop at Kuri after reading Chart Divine Principle 100 times, I could understand the content well.

Among the books I read until now, Peace Messages was very interesting.

And now, I am doing Hoon Dok with my sister, who is a third grader, and my brother, who is 7 years old. My sister first started with me and is now reading the 12-Hour Chart for the 7th time. My brother is now reading Very Happy Words for the 5th time.

The goal of this year is to read the testimony of President Gil Ja Sa Eu, and The Restoration of True God's Fatherland (given from my pastor) 100 times.

Thank you. 

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