The Words of the Lee Family

Mozambique's president, Armando E. Guebuza, receives True Father's autobiography

Hwa Beom Lee
May 2012

In January, at the Ponta Vermelha Presidential Palace, Rev. Lee presented Mozambique's president, Armando E. Guebuza, with True Father's autobiography (Portuguese edition). Behind them is Rev. Augustine Ghomsi, head of UPF's southern Africa sub-region. Rev. Lee spoke about Father's work for global peace, including the significance of Father's meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Ii-sung. President Guebuzu said that he could see that Rev. Moon's work is wide-ranging. "We can't speak of world peace while there is poverty, and when there is no education. I am happy to know that you are taking these into account." The president encouraged Rev. and Mrs. Lee to continue their work. The Lees presented 133 additional autobiographies as gifts for all the presidential palace staff members.

Rev. and Mrs. Lee share Hoon Dok Hae with Mozambique citizens in a local district.

Rev. and Mrs. Hwa Beom Lee, boonbongwangs to Mozambique, have been actively working in their mission country since the 1990s. 

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