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Official information from PBMK Office regarding the Original Substance of the Divine Principle English Workshop -- 2nd Batch

Nina Lee
February 21, 2012

Date: March 9-11 and March 16-18, 2012

Lecturer: Dr. Tony Guerra, Special Asst. of Int'l Pres. Hyung Jin Nim and graduated from Harvard School.

Venue: Nampyeong Training Center, Kwangju/Jeonnam Region Address: Jeonnam Naju Nampyeong-up Dongsari 230/520-840 (20 mins from Kwangju and Naju Station)

Registration Fee: 150,000won


No Children Allowed
Pay Cash on the first day of our Workshop
Need to finish the whole Workshop to receive the Certificate with True Parents' Sign.

Sisters from Kwangju/Jeonnam and Cheonbuk Region are highly requesting to attend the 2nd Batch of OSDP English Workshop.

For those who will attend please confirm by calling or send e-mail to: PBMK Office.

Kwangju/Jeonnam PBMK Reg. Leader: Sabel Lee

Cheonbok PBMK Reg. Leader: Charito Esteban

PBMK National is truly working hard to make another schedules for other Regions to attend with the approval of MBMK Pres. Yasue Erikawa and our Lecturer, Dr. Tony Guerra.

Please pray hard that we can truly reach out our fellow members to attend this very important and precious OSDP Workshop.

Will announce later when and where will be the next schedule....

Thank you very much and see you all soon! 

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