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True Mother's dearest wishes

Jae Suk Lee
November 30, 2011

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon, and Ye Jin Moon May 5, 2011

The following is the message by Rev. Jae Suk Lee (a 36 Blessed families / 5th president of Korean Unification Church) given the Cheon Bok Gung on 10.4 by the heavenly calendar. This is from Peace TV video clip. Rev. Kambashi

The reason I am here today is to convey True Mother's dearest wishes to you. Dearest wishes means what one deeply considers and earnestly wishes. I know it is something presumptuous to say that I convey her dearest wishes to you. Then why do I have to do so? I have a reason with which I can't help but doing this. Last year on June 7th, True Mother called me to the Cheon Bok Gung and said to me, "Nowadays we have many complicated issues with our church. I don't think we can solve these problems just dealing with the phenomena. Study how we can solve them in essence." I promised to her saying, "I will do it as my mission, and I will deal with the issue in a future-oriented manner."

Since then until now, I have been thinking only about that 24/7. Naturally that pushed me to pray and therefore I have felt gratitude. I published a book called "Shining New Morning" which contains my testimonies shared through Peace TV three times and my presentations regarding the "life of faith and training". Since I received the direction from True Mother, this book is my report to her. I believe this book holds True Mother's dearest wishes that all members need to win against current difficulties with their strong and essential faith. The original title of this book is the "Church and Faith at the Transition Period", but it seemed too heavy and so I changed the title to "Shining New Morning", taking from the last chapter of this book called "Let's Hold the Shining New Morning." What would be True Mother's dearest wishes here? It is "under what circumstances one should have essential faith." Today I would like to share what the faith in essence is.

What do you think faith is? We have been leading the life of faith for long time, but during the era of wilderness, we just have been busy doing activities and so we did not have the time nor environment for us to study what faith is. What is "faith"? That is a training to meet God. Our life of faith is the process of meeting God, understanding God and resembling God. When we resemble God, we must change to humans of love. Faith is for changing oneself. By resembling God, the love of God becomes my love, and we must be able to practice such love.

I have been with the church for 55 years. Each of us must check how much love we come to have and how much we have changed. We have heard "true love" too many times but what is true love? It is simple; how much more can you think for the sake of the other person, how much more can you listen to others before you talk, and how much more are you worried about others than yourself? Did you come to have such heart? If not, we must add something more to our life of faith.

Every Sunday we attend the service and every day we recite the family pledge and do Hoon Dok Hae. When we read Father's speech, we live in his words, but we find ourselves separate from the words in other time. Through the life of faith, we must change ourselves. Then what should we change? It is our living habits from an egoistic life to a life for the sake of others. We need to have habits of living for the sake of others. When you change your habits, you can change your life.

Then is it easy to change one's habits? One can't change even a small habit since humans are slaves to their DNA. They can't change. That's why we must strongly train ourselves. When we change our thoughts, we change our minds, and then we can change our behavior. So anytime you come to have a thought, it should be for the sake of others. We need to change of our thinking habits and our mindset.

How can we do that? We need to repeat ceaselessly thinking for the sake of others so that we can have it as a habit. When you see someone, you must have a mindset of thinking for the sake of that person first. When we repeat it, it will become our habit.

Therefore, we have our life of faith to change our habits, and the essential method for that sake is prayer. True Father said that prayer is respiration of our spirit self. One doesn't have to learn how to physically breathe, but spiritual breathing is something one must learn, and they don't know it otherwise. One must learn how to pray and how to make a channel through which they can meet God. Scientists say now we have in our brain an antenna to communicate with God saying there are not only IQ, but EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient). Everything exists in vibrations and communicates with each other through vibrations. They say when one sets their vibration in brain at 40 Hz, they can communicate with God. So the prayer is to set ourselves at the right channel to God.

We study Father's words. What is the purpose of that? The essence of Father's speech is true love. In a nutshell, "Live for the sake of others." Why can't we practice it? It is because we are satisfied with reading it. Ruminants such as cows, deer and goats chew their food sent back from the stomach six to eight times 40 minutes each so that they can digest and absorb what they eat. Father's words are our spiritual food and so we must chew it again, again and again. Don't read them once and think you are finished with it. After reading, you need to ponder them again and again so that the food can be digested and absorbed in you.

I wanted to leave my words regarding how to lead one's life of faith before I die. There are methods of life of faith and several stages of it, which I described in this book mainly focusing on individual and familial perfection. Actually I published this book two months ago but I was not courageous enough to stand with the book in front of you since I felt I was like a book seller. But I know what True Mother told me is not for myself, and I am standing here today to convey her earnest desire that each one of us must lead our life of faith in a right way.

Thank you for your listening. 

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