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District 9 CARP Retreat 2011 Final Report

Victor Shinchun Lee
March 31, 2011

Dear D9 bro/sis:

This is official final report about D9 CARP Retreat 2011. The official report was written by Koei Shimada, Texas CARP Leader, and financial report was made by Zacn and Shinchun. The remaining balance was transferred D9 CARP budget which is handling by Koei Shimada. If you have any of question, please let me know anytime.

I only send one group photo for the retreat, but if you want to more, please visit to

Your sincerely,

Happy Life

Victor Shinchun Lee
Youth Minister / HSA-UWC America,
Texas-District #9
1922 Anson Road, Dallas TX 75235 

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