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1000th Chung Pyung Special Workshop: Grace of the Purification Azalea Festival

Elena Gastalla-Lee
May 27, 2010

Good day!

My name is Elena L. Gastalla from Philippines. I got married to a Korean man Lee Sung Gyu. We got blessed last July 5, 2007 the 400 million Couples 7th stage. We live here in South Korea.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my testimony for the Purification Azalea Festival. I would like to share testimonies from the 4th and 5th Purification Azalea Festival because I couldn't give one last year due to giving birth to my first daughter in May 2009. I currently live here in Korea with my husband who I was blessed on July 5, 2007, the 400 million Blessed Couple 7th Stage.

Last years' Purification Azalea Festival was a very special festival. Despite my financial difficulties because I support my family who are in the Philippines, my husband and I were able to attend the full 3 days of the Azalea Festival. We attended all the programs with sincere devotion and received full grace. Especially for the Fulfillment of Wishes Papers (Wish Paper). My husband and I wrote many wishes and most of them have come true. In particular, I wrote a wish so that I could be selected as one of the scholars that I applied before hand. I had a degree and I wanted to finish my masters in the USA.

After the Festival we received an e-mail notifying that I was selected as one of the recipient of the scholarship together with my younger sister. The other blessing that I received was that I was able to deliver my baby girl normally without any problem. She was healthy with a beautiful face and there were no problems. I was so happy that my wish came true.

This year's Purification Azalea Festival was another great year.

Although we were unable to attend the full 3 days, my husband and I, my daughter and family members and friends were able to attend from May 1-2, 2010. We really wanted to come to Chung Pyung and attend this ceremony for the full 3 days however, I felt the continuous blocking of Satan. Even though the situation didn't seem to work Dae Mo Nim's words, "If you promise to come to Chung Pyung then you should fulfill it. Why? Because your ancestors will wait you and may come to Dae Mo Nim asking whether their descendants have arrived or not" was always on my mind. With a heart wanting to attend my ancestors we found a way to come to Chung Pyung and attend the Purification Azalea Festival.

We were able to attend this year's Purification Azalea Festival with my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, nephew and with the elder sister of my sister-in-law whom just came from the Philippines. Also, I brought my two friends whom for the past several years did not come to Chung Pyung. Every schedule of the festival we attended with sincere heart and devotion. My husband was also keen to come to attend this festival since he was experiencing difficulties with his health. He was experiencing cough, cold, fever, body pain, muscles pain and a strong headache. We strongly believe in the healing power of Chung Pyung Works.

During the Holy Song Session, my husband and I attended with all our heart. We attended each other with all our might with strong faith and belief for the blessing and grace by God and True Parents. After the festival, my husband regained his strength where he does not experience any more cough, cold, fever, body pain, muscle pain and headache. Also, I received a permanent job with a good salary. I was also able to work out some difficult family problems that I had back in Philippines. My daughter is very healthy without any problems and I can really feel the spirit world every day around me.

I'm very happy that I was able to share my testimony. There are more testimonies that I would like to share but time is limited. I thank Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim and pray victorious success for Heavenly Father and True Parents! AJU!

Respectfully yours,

Elena Gastalla-Lee 

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