The Words of the Lee Family

A Vision Of The Next Life - Chang Yea Lee (Kim)

Kevin Thompson
March 23, 2010

On Saturday March 13, 2007 a Seunghwa ceremony was held at Bay Area Family Church for KEA member Mrs. Chang-Yea Lee, 1800 Blessed Couple who unexpectedly ascended a few days earlier at the age of 59 years. Of course her family were in shock as this was not expected at all. However, the children of Mrs. Lee discovered that she had written a message for them in the last days of her life on earth. This message was read in Korean and English at the Seunghwa Ceremony and was received deeply by everyone in attendance.

This is the last words of Mrs. Chang Yea Lee (Kim) written for her children. It seemed that Mrs. Lee had a premonition of what was about to happen to her. Her children have kindly allowed these words to be reproduced for all to see as they are a pertinent message for us all.

January 9, 2010 (Lunar calendar) I was admitted to Highland Hospital in Oakland to treat Aplastic Anemia. It is a very rare disease and the cause is usually unknown. I was given Chemo treatment through IV in the evening. After a while I felt dizzy and everything came towards me like a 3D movie. As this continued, I saw a woman in white clothes and dark face by the door. She was holding a white bag and I was able to see only half of her body. All of a sudden, the woman was near my bed and I felt that she came to put my spirit into the bag and take it away.

That night, I was scared and began to think about my life and prayed with deep repentance. As I fell asleep, I saw part of the spirit world. On the earth, we all hold back our emotions. Even though we feel anger or hate we suppress the feelings so they would not become actions. In the spirit world however there is no holding back. When you get angry you get crazy because you are so angry. If you want to hit, you are already hitting, if you want to swear you are already swearing and if you feel like killing then you are already killing. Once you think about something, you have already done it. There is no stopping once your thoughts start.

Thoughts become actions and emotions are manifested instantaneously. Now it was clear why True Parents taught us to unite mind and body. It was so painful to watch the suffering and pain of someone whose body and mind are not one.

On the earth, holding back emotions (patience) seemed like a merit. But, since there is no holding back in the spirit world, someone whose mind and body were not united is very pitiful. I thought that if I believed in True Parents, I would go to heaven, but I learned why I have to live a life where mind and body have become one.

Also, I thought that if I received the blessing from True Parents, then the original sin is forgiven and everything will be good. I thought that I will automatically become God's True Daughter. However, days, months, years and decades have passed by and I was not able to complete, advance, nor practice the truth. True Parents realized what makes God worried and concerned and what makes God happy or sad; and they have lived their lives to resolve the ongoing problem and to make God happy.

My body and mind were not united. I was holding back my emotions, but did everything I wanted with my mind; anger, violence, arguing, swearing, hitting and killing. My mind did everything it wanted to do. This was my fallen mind. With God in the center, what should be centering on God? Everything, from eating, working, teaching your children and believing have to be done centering on God. Without this, you have done nothing. Nothing is as important as living with God as the center. One does not go to heaven just because one believed in heaven. I have realized what I have to repent for. Please unite your mind and body. Now I realize that the True Parents teachings of 'live a life where the body and mind are one' is the words of life and I deeply repent again and again. 

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