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The Voice for Peace - Interview With Seiko Lee

July 10, 2007

Seiko Lee who is a bell of peace performed in Sunmoon University in July 6th, 2007. She has roared out the sound of peace in some of the world's preeminent venue. She is a star not only in the opera house but also on the concert stage. And SMU (The Sun Moon Universe) could meet her through the International Night Friendship and Peace.

Question: I've heard that you are having variety performances all around the world. So.. What kind of performance have you had?

In Japan I had performed in Chosun School with the emotion of apology to Korea for the past as a Japanese. In America I performed for the Africa Kids. I gathered some money by my performance in USA to donate to establish the school of Africa. And I also sang for the peaceful activities in Israel that are having religion conflicts I want my song to be help for peace.

Question: what was the best performance?

When I was a middle school student, second grade, I was in NHK broad casting. And I sang a song of German on the spot of federal German. In the end of the performance German women moved and cried. We could be on the same wavelength only with music over the language and purpose.

Question: You sang the ' I shall live in the blue mountain' which is a traditional Korean song in this performance. Do you know any other Korean songs? And what is your favorite song in Korea?

I lived in Korea for about 1 year and a half before. So I could learn many songs in Korea. Most of all I thought Keumkangsan song deeply meant and I could feel Korean's hurt emotion. When I was dwelling in Korea, I loved 'With Love' and 'Sun Flower' which was Korean song. 

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