The Words of the Lee Family

Congratulations to the Couples Blessed at the World Culture and Sports Festival

Lee Soo-sung
July 2007

Congratulatory Address by Dr: Lee Soo-sung, president of the New Town Movement Association

Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon! Distinguished guests who have come from all countries of the world to celebrate this Blessing Ceremony for the realization of a world of peace! Ladies and gentlemen!

I feel greatly honored to have the privilege of offering my congratulations to all of you devout men and women who have gathered here today. We are not just celebrating an ordinary marriage ceremony. This is a moment when you are setting a new direction in history in order to accomplish the original world of peace longed for throughout the ages of man.

I feel close in heart to this cross-cultural Blessing Ceremony, which brings harmony in the realm of family, by transcending the barriers between races, cultures, nationalities and religions, and even between enemies.

Despite the fact that national boundaries are becoming irrelevant due to the progress of science and the rapid development of communications the world over, individualism and egotism are becoming widespread and are actually factors in building divisions between people.

If people stubbornly emphasize their own ethnic origins, it will prove difficult to form a close human community. Moreover, in the years since we have entered the twenty-first century, conflict of an inter-religious nature is becoming the greatest threat to humankind.

Yet Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon foresaw this problem. Beginning in 1960, they have held more than twenty international Blessing Ceremonies. This blessing transcends national borders, religious sectarianism and skin color. It is undeniable that this is the surest method to actualize the ideal of one global village.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon are global religious leaders who have devoted their lives to a movement toward peace that is to bring harmony to all people. Through their accomplishments, which include the Victory Over Communism (VOC) movement that helped bring an end to communism, the Pure Love Movement and the True Family Movement, the Middle East Peace Initiative -- not to mention initiatives for peace on the Korean peninsula -- they have been recognized for their contributions to world peace. They have been acknowledged as the king and queen of peace.

Among those achievements, I feel that the True Family Movement, which seeks to regain the family values and sexual ethics that have deteriorated, must receive great attention and must firmly establish itself. The first step to achieving this is the Blessing Ceremony, at which men and women who have kept their purity both in heart and deed can share true love with their partners.

Marriage should be the biggest event in a person's life. Everyone here who is participating in the 2007 Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing in the Sacred Reign of Peace has now been newly born as the husband or the wife.

The basis for peace is not found in a far off place; it begins from a family wherein true love dwells, a family rooted in the heavenly principles. We can only agree in our hearts with Father Moon's message that peace in such a family will expand to the society and the nation, and will ultimately bring about a world of peace. The two people who have established a model of this teaching with their lives are none other than Rev. and Mrs. Moon, the king and queen of peace, who are present with us today.

Please inherit the foundation of sincere devotion that Father and Mother Moon have shown in attending God and make genuine effort, stemming from our hearts, to help unite North and South Korea and build the world of peace that will form the backbone of God's kingdom.

Lastly, I would like to wish for the long life and eternal honor for Father and Mother Moon. I further wish that all your families be filled with true love, peace and happiness. Thank you very much. 

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