The Words of the Lee Family

Let's Find True Love through the "Exchange" Life

Yo Han Lee
June 6, 2007
East Garden
Translated by the editors of Kodan News

We are recently reading the Peace Messages. There is God's sorrowful regret, Father's sorrowful regret, intercultural exchange blessed family, blessed marriage, etc. in them. We try to follow these words, but in reality, we cannot raise our original nature through removing our fallen nature. We are not liberated yet. Our minds go to True Father, but we cannot purify ourselves substantially. We cannot make our spirituality lead us, and we live the same lives as we did in the past. I have followed Father for a long time, but I did not know myself. I did not know how to separate the fallen nature from the original nature.

We often say "exchange." This "exchange' means a struggle.

Everyone, do you have difficulties at the exchange point, and come into conflict with each other, don't you? There are conflict between mind and body, Cain and Abel, and husband and wife. I will talk about how we can exchange these. If we succeed in exchanging, we find love there. If we fail in exchanging and fight, it leads us to death.

We are dangerous beings. Mind and body easily fight, Cain and Abel easily fight, and husband and wife easily fight. It is difficult for blessed families to become families of love. When we fight, we cannot succeed in exchanging. When we are filled with love, and have minds of gratitude, we can be happy. How can I succeed in exchanging? In order to do that, I should receive bad things from the other person, and invest myself in the person attending the person obediently. Through the process, I can find love. We can find True love in the midst of "death."

We have to seek love in the situation of death, and in that of struggle between mind and body. We can find true love in agony.

However, we often lose love in a struggle. We have to find love in struggle, but stupidly, we often find darkness in difficulties and agony.

Where is love in your daily life? Love is in difficulties. We can find love when we live with people whom we cannot get along well with. We can find love only after Satan's surrender. Unless we can make Satan voluntarily surrender, we cannot find love.

How can we remove our fallen nature? We can remove our fallen nature when we serve people who have more fallen nature than we have.

I find true love through people who have the fallen nature. This is the "exchange." In Christianity, they talk about the Redemption. The Redemption means that Jesus undertook all sins, and forgave and loved people on the cross. Jesus accepted people who disbelieved him and who deserved death. This was the "exchange." The crucifixion means to accept death and invest life. In this way, Jesus became the manifestation of love. It is the same as Father's life. Father shed blood, sweat, and tears for people, and he completely fulfilled and embodied God's love. Finally, God approved him. In his whole life, he overcame disbelief, persecution, and agony as his sins, and invested his tears, forgiveness, and love, which is parental love.

Then, he became the parent of true love. Therefore, everyone, please study True Father's life course.

It is difficult to serve Cain. Next to me, there are people who hate me, dislike me, feel jealous of me, and ignore me.

Some leaders inflict burden on the followers. They are leaders even though their personality cannot be respected by others. They became leaders because they came earlier, but they do not have parental love.

They are just workers, and not people who can shed tears for those who have pain and sorrow. They give pain to the younger. If we do not have love, the situation becomes like these: the elder give pain to the younger; husband gives pain to wife; wife gives pain to husband.

To liquidate the pain, we should undertake the pain of more suffering people, and serve them. Through this, we can find true love. This is the "exchange."

We are "exchange" families. When we can do "exchange" well, we will be filled with gratitude. We will be filled with tears of gratitude. We will have abundant heart, and our minds will become clean.

Father's life has been the life of tears, the life to undertake death. I have followed him for a long time, but I could not understand the "exchange" life. Therefore, please accept the people whom you cannot get along well with wherever you go. Please think about what you can invest in them. When you challenge "exchange" with love, you will be able to receive love, and be engrafted into God's heart. This is the "exchange." It happens at the "intersection." There is a blue light and a red light at the intersection. A blue light symbolizes the love meanwhile a red light symbolizes the fallen nature. When you endure the pain of the fallen nature, God's heart will come to you, and you will know God's love.

When we live a life of "exchange," our fallen nature will be liquidated. Then, our original nature will grow. You have to know this. In this age, rather than prayer, we should live a life of "exchange." Then, we can grow.

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