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Seiko Lee's Inaugural World Peace Concert -Building Bridges through Song

December 22, 2006

As guests streamed into the UTS Interfaith Chapel, they felt a heightened anticipation of what was to come. All beautifully decorated for Christmas, the stained-glass chapel had been transformed into a first-class concert hall.

Seiko Lee's first number, a haunting Gregorian chant, mesmerized the audience. Each piece built in intensity and culminated in the highlight of the evening, the riveting "Halelu" Peace Cantata. David Eaton, conductor of the New York City Symphony, introduced and conducted this dramatic piece, which he had co-written with the world-famous Israeli singer, David D'or. Accompanied by a talented team of professional musicians -- a string quartet from Bard College Conservatory of Music, a pianist, and three other classically trained vocalists, Miss Lee delivered a powerful performance of the highest quality.

As emcee for the festive evening, Mrs. Dorothy Hill, Regional Chairwoman for WFWP, warmly introduced the performers. Letters of congratulations from Congresswoman Deborah Pryce from Ohio and from Archbishop Augustus Stallings were read. After a poignant video presentation depicting the great need in Guinea Bissau and Zambia, Ambassador Tens Kapoma, the Zambian Ambassador to the United Nations, came to the stage and expressed his gratitude for this compassionate effort to help his country.

Before the finale, Seiko Lee sang a tender version of "Silent Night" and lit candles held by seven local children. The audience was moved to donate generously once again to the cause. It was beautiful to behold.

At the catered reception, silent auction, and autograph session that followed, many attendees expressed how deeply enriched and moved they had been by the concert. Despite the rainstorm that night, the concert was a substantial success, gathering several hundred guests from nearby and from as far away as Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio.

For this noble effort to support the schools in Africa, IRFF and WFWP of Upstate NY are grateful to our beloved Seiko Lee, to the spell-binding musicians, to the generous guests who attended, and to the many sacrificial volunteers who helped with corporate fundraising, the video taping/recording, and the many hours of preparation.

Seiko Lee's magnificent voice and magnanimous heart blessed all in attendance. This holiday benefit concert heralded an auspicious beginning to her upcoming World Concert Peace Tour, which God will surely use to help bring peace to the world.

Seiko Lee is also available to do a benefit performance anywhere in America or the world. This type of concert is an excellent way to witness to your best contacts. We had a great success this way and you could do the same thing in your area. Please view the Memorial DVD for information and contact us about availability.

To order a "Memorial Seiko Lee Holiday Benefit Concert" DVD, or to donate to the upcoming Seiko Lee World Peace Concert Tour, please send to E-mail: seikoleeconcert@ 

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