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Invitation to the 1st European Pure Love Workshop

Hwa Rang Lee

It is the first Pure Love Workshop in Europe organized by the Pure Love Ambassadors for Europe who graduated from the faculty of Pure Love at Sun Moon University, Korea with the support of the ESGD.

The workshop is an opportunity for you, to build up an identity of True Love and better understanding of sexuality as the Second Generation of Cheon Il Guk.

Motto of the Workshop ID: Pure Love Password: EUropeAn 2nd Generation (Eternal, Unchanging, Unique and Absolute Love)

What defines our ID? In fact it never changes wherever we are or whatever we do. From Heavenly Fathers point of view it is always the same: our identity is based on Pure Love. The only question is: "What is the key to understand Heavenly Father view on Pure Love?"

In order to find our original position as pure objects in front of Heavenly father, we need proper keys to enter it. The Password to get our original ID back are "Eternal, Unchanging, Unique and Absolute Love." Those passwords are already inside of us – the EUropeAn 2nd Generation. If we know our value and look at ourselves carefully then we can easily use those passwords to get in.

Introduction of Program:

Lectures (Principle of Pure Love, Sexuality and Pure Love, Gender and Pure love, Culture and Pure love, Pure Love life…)

Pure Love solution, Discussion on each theme

Team projects, out side activities and games

Pure Love Panel Debate Simulations

Learn a Pure Love song

Pure Love ceremony

Performance for God (contest of Pure Love culture)

If it is possible please prepare a performance for the entertainment evening

Participants: Second Generation 16 years and older (basic English knowledge required)

Dates: 13th to 16th of May 2005
Arrival: 13th by 19:00
Departure: 16th after 13:00
Place: Schmitten, Germany
Cost: 60 Euro

To Bring: sleeping bag, note book, house shoes

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