The Words of the Lee Family

Revision of 2004 Blessing Guidelines

In Hoi Lee
July 21, 2004

To: All who plan to participate in the Satellite Blessing 2004(East Coast)
From: New York Region
Re: Revision of 2004 Blessing Guidelines (sent by HQ July 17)
Date: July 21, 2004

Based on the official letter that was sent by National HQ (July 17, 2004) concerning Blessing 2004, the east coast regions will have a satellite blessing as follows:

    1. All westerners and international couples will attend at Belvedere
    2. All Koreans related to KEA will join with the KEA ceremony in New Jersey

Information for Satellite Blessing – Belvedere

4:30 pm Registration

5:30 Blessing Guidance I and Holy Wine Ceremony

7:00 Dinner

8:00 Blessing Guidance II

9:00 Prepare for Blessing Ceremony (put on wedding attire)

9:30 Join the ceremony in Korea by satellite relay

10:00 Blessing Ceremony

Indemnity Ceremony

(Please use the attached Registration Form (pdf))

Bridegroom: Black Suits, White Shirt, Red Tie, White Gloves, Blessing Ring

Bride: Wedding Dress, Veil, White Gloves, Blessing Ring

We will provide brides’ bouquets and bridegrooms’ corsages

You are responsible to prepare your Blessing ring. They can be purchased at the

Japanese Bookstore at 4 West 43rd St. NY, NY.


Rev. In Hoi Lee
New York Regional Director

For more information, contact Rev. Andrew Compton.

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