The Words of the Lee Family

Letter to the community from Reverend Lee and Family Ministry Team

In Hoi Lee
August 1, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

This is an exciting time in Providential history, especially regarding marriage and family. As you know, we have successfully started our youth ministry and are beginning to address the needs of our 2nd generation. At the same time, our Family Ministry has been assembled from concerned volunteers consisting of Rev. Kevin and Carol McCarthy, Dan and Pamela Stein, John and H. Wiemann, Young Jung Quinn, Margaret Herbers, Yoshi Ichijo, Maria Agres and myself (Rev. Lee).

Although our goals are still evolving, we can say:

1. We're here to help and facilitate the healing of our troubled Blessed couples with a God centered, Principled, and Biblically based counseling method.

2. Each member of the Family Ministry can contribute from his/her life experience and education concerning marriage and family.

3. We can help to prepare our 2nd generation for the Blessing by working with the Parents Board.

4. We can help our Blessed couples through continuing education about how to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

5. We can make available tools for parenting skills.

6. Through these efforts we hope to create harmony in our community, thereby helping to create a substantial Cheon Il Guk.

Our efforts, so far, have concentrated on evaluating established programs for Principled insight that can help heal troubled marriages and enhance good ones. Presently, we are counseling several couples, one on one, who, in confidence, approached the person of their choice in our committee. Since we are sworn to confidentiality, we cannot share details of all that we have done so far.

This coming Fall, centering on the 20th anniversary of the 8,000 couple blessing, we would like to offer a one day internal guidance workshop for all of our Blessed couples. We will incorporate the guidance of our True Parents, the Bible and hopefully a guest speaker who will help us deal with more specific topics.

The Family Ministry team members are not professionals. We can help families based on their own motivation to better family relationships and will suggest professional expertise when needed. Ultimately, success will be determined by the couple's commitment and relationship to God and True Parents. Our victories will provide good role models for our children and their future marriages.

Let us work together to create a harmonious, loving atmosphere that will be irresistible to others. Please feel free to call any of the Family Ministry team members with ideas or concerns. God Bless you. Have a great month of August.

Rev. In Hoi Lee and the Family Ministry Team (coordinator-Maria Agres) 

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