The Words of the Lee Family

Your July 3 Donation Enters You In the Raffle

In Hoi Lee
June 10, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Fun-Raising Raffle

Yes, it's campaign time again - but instead of only asking for donations, we're having a raffle. Tickets are $10 each and each purchase is recorded as part of your offering for the July 3rd Blessing. First prize is a choice of vacation package for two. There will be many other prizes - coupons for restaurants, tapes, books, elegant bouquets, etc. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to offer a prize - contact Raffle Coordinator Carol McCarthy to submit your original ideas! (703-730-8532).


Make sure to write your name and phone number clearly on your ticket so you can be notified what prize you win!

Drawing will be held at the Victory Celebration on July 4th. You need not be present to win Members who mail their July 3rd donations to the church will have tickets made out on their behalf.

Rev. In Hoi Lee

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