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Important info for April 27th

In Hoi Lee
April 24, 2002

Revised Guidelines for April 27th

Thank you so much for your great work with missionaries to win the victory for the 144,000 clergy couples blessing. America reached 144,000 clergy couples holy wine blessing nationwide on April 13th,, True Parents Day. Now our focus in Washington is to bring ministers to the main event.

This is the tentative program for the Blessing Ceremony at the Sheraton National Hotel.

12:00 Ministers arrive at hotel

1 pm Program begins

1 pm - 3 pm Main Blessing Ceremony

3 pm - 4 pm Celebration

Most crucial thing is to receive confirmations: If your minister wants to come April 27th, please fax that couple's registration form to 202-232-3979 before Apr. 23. Tickets must be distributed before the event. Also, make sure they know the appropriate attire for that day.

1. How You Can Help

a) Drivers: Help is needed to drive clergy couples to the Sheraton National Hotel. To help in Virginia - contact Rev. McCarthy (703-730-8532) or Mrs. Yokoyama (703-255-5357). PG County - contact Alex Hunter (301-772-2447). Montgomery County - contact Margaret Herbers (301-946-7788) or 202-462-5700 ext. 35

b) Babysitters are needed for families who will have both parents staffing the event. If you can help, call Margaret Herbers at 202-462-5700 ext. 35.

c) Airport pick-up drivers: Contact Rev. Randy Francis 202-462-5700 ext. 18.

d) To volunteer as an usher contact Robin Musiol (410-544-5954).

2. Space at the hotel is extremely limited. There will be barely enough room to squeeze in all the participating clergy couples. We really regret that members will not be able to attend the ceremony with their guests and we ask for your understanding. After dropping off your passengers you can watch the satellite transmission with your family, the missionaries, and other members at the Columbia Road church. We ask that you help things flow smoothly at the event by praying at the church. As members, we will be able to celebrate this victory in a special way with True Parents the following day at the Sheraton National.

3. April 28th Sunday service will be held at the Sheraton National Hotel to celebrate True Parents' anniversary. Second generation are welcome to attend. CHILDREN 10 AND UNDER will go WITH A PARENT to Ballroom B. This is very important.

4. April 28th at 2 p.m. True Parents will dedicate the United Federation of Churches building at 3224 16th St. NW (at Park Rd.) Local members are welcome to attend; however, space will be limited. Street parking is very limited also; think about coming by Metro or carpooling.

Thank you so much.


Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Lorman Lykes, Rev. Kevin McCarthy 

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