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Guidelines For Mobilization - Revival, Blessing and Family Convocation - September 22, 2001

In Ho Lee
September 7, 2001

Guidelines For Mobilization - Revival, Blessing and Family Convocation - Sept. 22, 2001
Presented by the Washington Family Church

1. Significance of This Event

It is important to be aware that, according to Father's words, we are in a much different time and providence than the last Blessing. Based on the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship all people and things are now in a position to come into oneness centered on God. After the victory of the 50 state tour Father could expand the Blessing to a new level, which we first saw on May 27th with the Blessing of 60 couples in New York City. These 60 couples represent the fruit of Christianity coming into the new age of restored family by receiving the Blessing of True Parents.

"The Purpose of the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship is to restore the original things, which started on January 13th. The completion of individual, family, tribe and nation began on January 13th. Until now, Satan dominated the cosmos, so God could not find the standard of the original ideal. But, after the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship, God became able to do it. Now we come into the age of no persecution. What is the purpose of the Old Testament and the New Testament? What is the purpose of all religion? It is the completion of family. Moreover, now the providence centering on family was fulfilled, and now is the time to create the new nation."

This event, which is little more than 2 weeks away, therefore represents an opportunity for each of us to make a substantial contribution to God's providence and our True Parents' lifelong dream. Now after the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship we have even more reason to believe that America can fulfill its responsibility. We as Tribal Messiahs and Blessed Central Couples can feel confident in our role to love our Christian brethren and bring them to the Blessing on September 22nd.

2. Region 1 Responsibility & Goal

We have been asked to bring 50 buses (1,000 couples). But our simple focus is on a few basic levels of victory:

1. The attendance and participation of as many blessed couples and members as possible in our community, by helping each other with babysitting.

2. The cooperation of groups of 3-5 couples in our community to work together to fill one bus with minister couples, church leader couples and other guests.

i) by promoting the possibility of your church's choir joining the 3,000-voice choir.
ii) by showing how the church may win a full-size van by bringing a bus to the event with 30 guests or more. (The completed passenger list needs to be submitted by Sept. 15th)

3. Introducing the special idea of going to MSG on the airplane to minister couples. It is our heart and desire to lay the future foundation for our Region beyond the Blessing. We are planning to have nice meal with them in NY right after the Blessing. Total cost per person will be $200, however we will charge $75 per person ($150 per minister couple.)

If each family cooperates and supports at whatever level they can, all else will follow and God will work to bring the victory.

3. What My Family Can Do

Step 1 - Mark the date, September 22nd, on your calendar, and be sure to come to MSG with your entire family. (September 23rd will be a special celebration for the 2075 blessing couples in NY)

Step 2 - Decide what level of involvement and support your family can accomplish:

a. Attend as a blessed couple, or support another couple's participation by offering childcare.
b. Attend with minister couples and guest couples from your adopted church.
c. Join with other families in financially supporting the bus mobilization by donating up to $500 per family, even if you are not on the bus itself. Members can buy tickets ($40/couple, $50/family includes two children) and donate the remainder ($460 or $450).
d. Work with those families to fill that bus, each couple bringing three minister couples, or just themselves and guests.

Most Responsive Groups to invite:

a. Minister couples which include: Assistant pastors, Associate ministers, Elders, Deacons, Sunday School teachers and other leaders in the church with their spouse.
b. Alumni from April 16th "We Will Stand" tour
c. Church Choirs - Invite them to be part of the historic 3000-voice interfaith choir. Call Adruma Victoria for details. (212) 997-0050 ext. 272.

Step 3 - Sit down, reflect and identify the church you feel most comfortable with to ask their leadership to come to "Revival, Blessing and Family Convocation 2001"

Step 4 - Attend a meeting in your district that is organizing locally for this event. Here you can plug into what's going on in your area and get support for what you can do. You can also get a warm church to work with if you don't have one yet. Ask your event coordinator about other ways to help if you don't visit churches.

Step 5 - Obtain from your Event Coordinator in your district a copy of all the materials, video, flyers, tickets, sign-up sheets, etc. that can be given to the church pastor or their designee who will handle with signing people up for the event and trip to MSG.

Step 6 - Reach out to your prospective invitees by phone, mail, fax, or personally as soon as you can. A visit with the bus information to your church is a good idea during the week.

Step 7 - Personal contact is of course most important. Invite them to your home, for coffee, or to a prayer breakfast. Visit a minister or key leaders in the church.

Step 8 - Make clear transportation arrangements, on our bus if possible. With us they will have convenience in NY. Be sure to collect the bus fees early, which will strengthen their commitment.

Step 9 - It is of course crucial to reconfirm at least twice, the last time on the night before, and if possible to plan wake-up calls and car-pooling to the bus in the morning. If they have a commitment to drive or be driven in the morning, and have paid, it will strengthen their resolve in the face of last moment distractions.

Step 10 - Important: Please report confirmations (# of adults & children), including yourselves, to your event coordinator by 10:00 PM every day.)

Summary By District

Step 1 - Visit your church or form a team with someone who has a church.

Step 2 - Get together ASAP with your event coordinator. If you don't know your event coordinator, call your Associate Pastor or Margaret Herbers at the Church.

Step 3 - Consider a BBQ or Prayer Breakfast in your area or district.

Step 4 - Consider organizing a phone team by district for those who can't go out. Or help organize a prayer breakfast. Everybody can do something. You can get lists from your event coordinator.

Step 5 - Report your results to your event coordinator at least every night by 10 PM until September 21st. And event coordinators should call or fax the district results to Regional HQ.

Thank you so much for your support and effort to bring victory!

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