The Words of the Lee Family

July Revival Tomorrow

In Hoi Lee
July 25, 2001

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

True Parents have traditionally organized a 40-day witnessing period during late summer, regularly sending out church members for pioneer witnessing in towns throughout Korea. While pioneering is not the focus now, the 40 days between July 20 and Aug. 28 of this year continue that tradition, and also are a continuation of the previous 40 days, which ended July 16.

Our focus is two: first -- to keep witnessing in the same way that you have done. And second -- one family -- one church visitation on the 4th Sunday of each month. Also each state will be organizing revivals every month to continue developing the spirit of the We Will Stand tour.

Locally our revival event will be July 26 and 27, at International House of Prayer at 1915 Rhode Island Ave. NE in Washington, D.C. (between 18th & 20th Sts.) The event starts at 7 p.m. In the spirit of this 40-day witnessing period your support of this event will be welcome, through helping leaflet in the neighborhood near the church, as well as coming yourself and bringing guests.

I hope to see you there this Thursday!

Rev. In Hoi Lee

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