The Words of the Lee Family

The Million Family March

In Hoi Lee
September 6, 2000

Dear Families,

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of all the requests coming from True Father and the Movement. For many of us, our faith is being stretched to the limit. But let us work together as a community to maintain our focus to build a Healthy Church here in Washington, even in the midst of so many Providential directions. Please remember, by working together we can turn most any trial into an opportunity to create True Love.

Regarding True Father's desire to work with the Million Family March (MFM), let me share some insights I have learned recently from True Father and Rev. Kwak. Firstly, regarding the suddenness of this direction: True Father has been praying for many years to unite Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Secondly, we have learned that True Father had not received a report regarding the recent developments of our association with the MFM until Thursday of last week. Thirdly, we believe that when True Father heard of the many significant meetings around the country with members of the Nation of Islam, and of Minister Fahrakan's personal desire to ask him to Bless all the families at the MFM, True Father was moved to make this seeming last minute decision. In reality, it was not last minute! It is the fulfillment of years of our True Parents' tearful prayers.

With that understanding, I would like to add some thoughts to the memo from headquarters. Let me take each issue individually:

1. The national 40 day prayer condition: Here in DC, we have been asked to do this at Holy Ground, every night at 10:00 PM. This can be a wonderful chance to pray together on these mild autumn evenings, renewing our spirit and our sense of True Community as we pray for True Father to come before America at the MFM. Let's bring our families and make this a joyous occasion of celebration.

2. The Direction for a "30 day special activity": Since DC is the location of the MFM, there are many ideas on how to be most effective. One is to work in our home areas to bring families to the MFM. Another is to house sisters who have come from out of town to help us in our local area. All of these details and strategies are being worked out as we speak. Let us remember: our desire is to bring fruits to our True Parents and our own community by using our God-given talents and resources.

3. The request for a special donation of $1,000: Those families who prepared for the for the Chung Pyung 21 day workshop fee of $1,000, please send it for this offering. Those who were not going to Korea, please join us in making an offering at this important Providential moment.

SPECIAL MEETING: We will have a special "Insights on the Providence" meeting to discuss all these matters, this Sunday, Sept. 10th, from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM at Columbia Road. I will be there to answer all your questions.

I want you to know that myself and the rest of our staff here at Region One Headquarters appreciate what our community has been through in the past month as we prepared for the formation stage of the National Level Blessing. Let us remain prayerful and united as we follow our True Parents into this exciting new phase of the Providence, which is undoubtedly connected to the National Level Blessing we have been preparing for in a powerful new way. Please feel free to call Columbia Road should you have questions or a need for support in understanding the current directions from our True Parents.

Rev. In Hoi Lee 

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