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Latest Info on Blessed Sisters 21 day workshop

In Hoi Lee
July 27, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You have probably heard different reports regarding special 21 day workshops for Blessed Sisters at Chung Pyung Lake that have been organized by True Parents. Details are sketchy as to True Parents' purposes and goals for these workshops, but let me share what I know:

- The 3 year period, 2000 - 2003 is presently restoring the period, 1945 - 1948, right after WWII, when the Christian World should have united with True Parents.

- Representing the Bride position, Blessed sisters are asked to attend these workshops to show total unity with True Father through uniting with True Mother.

- These workshops are the most important activity for families AT THIS TIME. Even for those families planning to go to Jardim, these workshops take priority. (example - if your family is planning to go Jardim in August - September, the wife should go to Chung Pyung from Jardim, or stay in America and let the Husband and children go to Jardim)

- True Father said, "If you are alive, you should go to this workshop."

Below are the details from International HQ regarding dates, times, qualifications and costs:

1st Workshop: July 24th to August 13th 2000 - Participants (wives only): 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, 430 Couples and 777 Couples.

2nd Workshop: August 14th to September 3rd 2000 - Participants (wives only): up to1800 Couples.

3rd Workshop: September 4th to September 24th 2000 - Participants (wives only): up to 6000 Couples.

(Dr. Yang is asking all wives who attend this workshop and are living in North America to stay until September 25th,for one day of special instructions).

** At this time, we know of no further workshops of this type. Therefore, based on the information we have, we advise that you must attend this workshop in order to participate in this providence.

Workshop Fee: $1000 US

Conditions for Participation:

- Families that have completed the blessing of 180 couples

- Families that have donated for the Total Living Offering (any contribution, or all)

- Families that have not fallen (sexual fall)

- Families, where in case that someone fell, they received the forgiveness ceremony through True Parents, drank the Holy Wine, and received the blessing prayer.

Two important additional points:

- Please attend the workshop specifically designated to your Blessing Group. For instance, if your Blessing Group is assigned to the 3rd workshop, you may not join the 2nd or the first workshop.

- Included in the 3rd workshop are only the Blessing Groups from the 35 couples (1976) to the 6,00 couples (1982). No other Blessing Group is invited at this time.

Thank you very much for your attention to this new direction. We will update you with more information as details become clearer.

May God Bless you and your family.

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