The Words of the Lea Family

TV and True Family Values

Erling Lea
March, 2002

Is television effective? I must say absolute yes! If it weren't, I would never spend so much time promoting the development of Principled television programming. But for many who donít work with TV, it may seem that I'm wasting my time. Television programming is like any other media. A person just has to be out there aware of some of the skewed viewpoints being presented by the mainstream media to feel the need for us to offer a Unificationist viewpoint in contrast.

Often I use my intuition about which programs to put on. It takes about a week to get a program aired after I submit it to the station. Interestingly, often right at the time it is airing, something related to that program happens to come into the forefront of public interest and discussion. Often the programs I air are very timely. Sometimes mainstream media lift ideas from our programming and then our insights become widely discussed, even to the national level. I have seen Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and even the national news broadcaster talking about something that was aired on Unificationism. To see how much Unificationism Television Show is affecting my community, I read papers, and I listen to radio and TV.

For example I aired True Father's court case on cable TV. Many were shocked to see the government persecuting a religious leader so! Many black ministers realized that the government attacked Rev. Moon just as they did Rev. Martin Luther King. Almost immediately after I aired True Father's court case, a large group of black ministers demanded a new investigation into Dr. King's death.

Similarly, when I was airing True Family Values, suddenly the whole town was talking about true love and family values in their churches. I usually air CAUSA lectures when there is an election, and again I can clearly see the influence of our media on the mainstream media. I have even seen a very liberal newspaper change to a moderate newspaper after I aired a CAUSA series! So there is definitely an audience out there.

The teachings of True Parents reveal such a depth of heavenly truth that people must respect and honor True Parents after seeing their lifestyle and accomplishments. This is what gives me the most joy in my television work. The world is thirsting for this teaching, and the time is right for spreading the word. The audience is just drinking in the Divine Principle!

Earlier in the eighties, the program Word and Deed was aired from New York throughout America. It was a very good program with D. P. Lectures and interviews. I did a little research as to why it was canceled. I found out that there was that a lack of response to the program in that no members were gained through it. It's true that I very seldom get phone calls in response to our programs, but people watch and take ideas from them. Also, partly through positive media, the general public opinion of True Parents and their work is changing so that finally they are receiving a hint of the tremendous respect they are due.

Many times people organize meetings and special programs to counter some of the more novel ideas shown through the Principle. Even this is evidence of the power of getting the Principle out there through public television. TV is just an incredibly effective medium.

Recently True Mother signed a poster I made celebrating 7 years and 400 hours of Unificationism airtime from 1994 to 2001. Isn't that precious? Please have confidence that if you make effort towards using the media for God's providential will, you will give joy to our beloved True Parents.

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