The Words of the Lausberg Family

Seniority Deserves Respect

Andy Lausberg
April 6, 2001

Consider, respect for all things is inherent in the original man's (and woman's) heart. Seniority deserves respect, egalitarianism too, as does youth. The point here is that there are different aspects of respect, different manifestations of the essence.

Father's explanation of the three kingships clarifies this. We should respect our elders; they represent the past, the vertical, the root. We should also respect our contemporaries; they represent the present, our own selves. And we should respect the young, they represent the future, the essence, the branches. Just as there are these three aspects of time, there are differing aspects of respect that we should offer to each.

(Neo) Confucionism calls respect for the elder (kingship) loyalty and filial piety. Respect for one's contemporary is called honesty, friendship, and respect for the young is called benevolence.

The reason we offer respect is more for what the recipients represent than what they may or may not be themselves. We should respect all humans, because they all represent God and God's love. If I decline to offer respect to anyone as God's child, I am that much further from the Kingdom (in my heart).

When you are moved by integrity, isn't it related to the fact that this quality reflects God's nature (even if you don't see it in those terms - please forgive me for using a frame I find useful - I'm not saying it's the only frame, of course)?

I think both Father and God live that kind of life - they respect the essence and potential of all. You can't love someone with true love unless you respect them.

Of course, when someone abuses their position or seniority without respecting others, it makes it hard to love them, right? But their shortcomings don't change the truth that there is a certain quality of respect for the root, the ancestor, the elder, that finds its base in God's original nature, along with other kinds of respect, too, imho.

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