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Korea - Japan Blessing

Andy Hirota-Lausberg
October 31, 1999

Actually, it might be interesting to note that, much of the foundation for US to unite with Korea and Japan as the mother and father nation, namely, the Korean/Japanese unity - the foundation for the recent directive from Father for 52 US reps to go to Japan, and Korea, to connect and set conditions to become one - this unity is largely the result of a two-fold action by Father. First, the KJ blessing. Second, the development of the KJ association, which developed into the KJ church, which eventually became the basis for introduction to Japan of all the Korean church leaders, so that the Japanese church is now pretty much amalgameted with the Korea church, culturally speaking.

The 6516 blessing was conducted shortly after the 1988 Olympic games. About 97 percent of the couples are either Korean-Japanese international, or Japanese-Japanese. Only about 50 or so non KK, KJ or JJ couples were blessed by Father at that time. I was included in the number because my mission was in Korea at that time, along with about 15 - 20 or so other non-K, non-J members. (One brother who just happened to be passing through, a three-week stopover in Korea, perhaps on business, was also included.) Another set of couples was made with brothers who came from the Philippine Islands.

In retrospect, I wonder if... I suppose Father and God already had in mind the amalgamation of the Korea and the Japanese churches and nations when they made this blessing. Father first of all blessed all the Korean members, primarily with Japanese members, although there were some exceptions. Then, he moved on to J-J couples. At the end of three days of matching, he called the small non-K non-J community of 20 or so members who had been waiting at the back of the hall (for three days, I might add).

This blessing was also unique in that Father granted permission for the couples to perform the three-day ceremony after completing a forty-day period, after which again the 3 year separation and missionary work period was to be carried out.

Around 1991, three years later, Father instituted a providence to restore/unite Japan with Korea, by sending a 72 couple elder to Japan to hold rallies and build up the spirit of Japan and the Korean Japanese association there. However, he also happened to tell this elder brother to tell no one else that Father had sent him! Look out! Internal Church Persecution! Perhaps I'll write about this amazing providence some other time, but for now, suffice it to say that the providence worked. After 8 years, unity between the Korean Family and Japanese Family is pretty much secured. More than half of the leaders in the J church are Korean brethren, and all churches are now connected to many Korean traditions. This is necessary for the unity between the Father and Mother nations. (Actually ONE nation, according to Father, 1992 (?).)

Just thought you elder son folks might like to know that there was indeed something rather interesting going on over here while you were running around taking care of the US (global) providence.

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