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Testimony-Explanation about some new theological terms and proclamation made by Father

Andy Lausberg
March 12, 2012

Sun Myung Moon March 7, 2012

Explanations I have heard recently make clear to me that this is a very clear unfolding of the same path that has been going on the past 90 years, and that it makes very good sense theologically.

While it is true the Messiah comes as a mediator, there is more to it than that. He also comes as the origin or source of something that has never been present, that was never manifested.

The assertions here are related to the questions of whether Father was born with original sin or not, whether he is in a unique position or not, and whether there is any difference between those born of satanic line and God's line.

Wish I could share more, but the content is complex, deep and profound.

I'll just share that, through the understandings I've come to embrace in the past few months, based on a larger view that incorporates Father's more recent statements into a harmonious whole, I personally feel closer to understanding who Father is, what my role is, what my place is, and what my value is. Things have never been clearer for me.

That said, I'm still struggling with coming to terms with my own failings and mistakes over the course of my own life.

Such is my personal testimony. I'm NOT asserting that this is proof or anything else than my own experience, but for what it's worth, I thought I'd like to share that I seem to be experiencing an increased clarity rather than the opposite, and it involves embracing Father's recent teachings in a larger whole. (I thought I'd share that at least, that suggests it's possible...)

Hoping brilliant illumination will come to all of us in the unfolding of time....

As far as I understand Rev. [Chung Sik] Yong's teaching, Father was conceived without original sin, just like Adam and just like Jesus. For God to send the Messiah, 2 key conditions are necessary:

1) Foundation internally to send the Messiah (restoration of lineage -- in the womb)

2) External environmental foundation for the Messiah (correct conditions)

These are separate from the Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance, which are essentially the foundation necessary for the Messiah, once arrived, to be received and humans to be restored.

Again: Father being born without original sin, he has lived 3 stages or aspects of life:

1) The life of Messiah
2) The life of True Parents
3) The life of King of Kings

Father was born without original sin, and even when very young he conversed with God and understood that he is God's own son. However, he did not understand or comprehend that he also has the mission to restore or recreate all of humankind. The meeting with Jesus on the Mount was the point when he came to realize that he had this responsibility, in addition to simply being God's son. In that sense, he began to walk the path of the Messiah from that point (the one who must fix everything that Adam lost, and bring salvation to humankind. To do this he must a) Reveal the truth and b) Show the model path.

Once Father fulfilled this course, he met with True Mother and began the path of True Parents. As True Adam that fulfilled the course of the Messiah, he has to then a) find a woman among all of humankind and b) restore her to original position of Eve. That woman represents all of humanity, both the men and women who are 'the children of Eve' as it were. Thus, this woman must be restored to the original position and become perfected Eve in order for humankind to have any chance of being restored. All humans must then stand in the position of her children.

To restore Eve, the True Adam must lead her to restore the internal 8 stages and the external 8 stages. The internal 8 stages are the restoration of the heart of: the daughter, younger sister, wife, mother, grandmother, queen, female embodiment of God, and perfect partner bride to the substantiation of God (internal content that was lost through Eve's fall). The external 8 stages are restoring all this on the individual, family, clan, society (ethnic group), national, world, cosmos, and God levels.

The path from 1960 until 2000 was the period in which Father raised and guided Mother to fulfill and recover all this content as Eve. On that foundation, God's coronation ceremony could be held (2001, 1 13).

Starting from that time (roughly, 2000 the start of CIG) Father has been walking the path of King of Kings. Here, he must accomplish everything Adam was meant to accomplish as the King of Humankind. Only then Father and Mother stand as the true object to God having fulfilled everything that Adam and Eve did not.

Based on the principle that a subject's value is defined by its object, during the path of True Parents, Father could never rise to a level higher than that which Mother had also accomplished/restored. However, once she had done that (as Father has recognized on different levels at different times), Father himself could also stand on that position, as he now has an object (even though he himself may have had this content long before). Thus, God too can now stand on a certain level because he also has his object. So the coronation was possible, and God has been able to increasingly exert more authority as Father and Mother have been able themselves to complete the conditions they must.

Foundation Day represents the day when Father and Mother can stand as God's perfect object, having fulfilled all things (including kingship and nationhood, etc.) on all the 8 stages, internally and externally.

Father embodying God, or becoming the external substance of God, means that as the male, he stands as the external expression of God, which stands as the male aspect in relation to the Creation as the female aspect. As Mother has been able to rise to perfection as Eve, she stands to represent perfected Creation, the female aspect in relation to God.

In this sense, while on a personal level, of course, Mother comes to embody God's feminine nature, she also represents all of Creation, and thus is ultimately in the position, at the highest level, as the Bride of God.

Thus, the perfection of God comes at the same time as the perfection of Adam, for when Adam meets his perfected bride, having accomplished all things (kingship, nationhood, etc.), God meets for the first time, on that level, his perfected Creation.

The real point here is not about value. It is about role and position. Without Father (Adam), God cannot be perfected. Without Mother (Eve), Father cannot be perfected. Without Mother (Eve), Creation cannot be perfected. The glorious time when all that content comes to conclusion and completion, all at the same time, all through each other, is Foundation Day.

Of course, this is an overly brief description and leaves out many points, but the theology is sound I believe.

It doesn't mean we are not unique and do not have unique value throughout the cosmos. Each individual is a unique cell of God. However, even a human child begins with a single embryo, a single zygote. In terms of position (sequence), that zygote is the originator off all other cells. Those cells exist as extensions of the zygote. However, part of the principle of the whole is that no single cell is less valuable than any other. They all have a part to play. But sequence is substantial, and there is recognition of that in the concepts of God of Night and God of Day etc.

Father is like the source code that needs to be transplanted into Mother to resurrect the lost Eve code, and together they form the zygote cell that will multiply to become all the restored body of God, or true humankind. In this analogy, we stand as extensions of the Parent zygote. Although we ourselves relate to the whole body as a unique expression of the body, our relationship is one of an extension from the zygote and not the relationship of the zygote to the body itself. Sequence and position, but all have common value.

The talk about God of Night and Day, substantial word of God, etc., etc., explain this sequencing, the roles and positions. If people end up getting lost in some deification of Father that puts him on a pedestal, well, they inherently pull down Father's value, because as he has made abundantly clear, the subject's value is defined by his object. And when people downgrade themselves, they downgrade Father.

The idea that God can be great and happy with humankind in hell, or that Jesus can be happy while humans live in a mess, all of that is based on a fallen understanding of the relationship between subject and object.

The fallen angel's understanding of subject and object is: object lives to serve the subject, and subject is much better. That's the fallen angel's delusion and misunderstanding, the one that led him to the path of the fall. It isn't God's view. In God's view, God himself has no value until his children come home. As much as his children are restored, he himself can feel the real value he himself contains. Until then, no way.

So, I would suggest, check the foundation of one's view of value.

I'm not trying to assert that there are no Unificationists who will or who currently do misunderstand Father's value, leading them to a fallen perspective that downgrades the value of Father's children, us, but such fallen mentality doesn't mean that Father is wrong.

Moreover, these ideas don't mean we still don't have lots of problems, including fallen nature in our community and Church. What it does mean is that God is orchestrating a miraculous cosmic moment of creation, and the better we understand it, the better we can synchronize ourselves to play a wonderful part in it.

I try to practice Covey's principle of pro-activeness. If it falls outside my responsibility, I don't spend too much time focusing on it. The same goes for the mistakes of others in our community and organization. I find I like it better when I focus on what I consider to be positives, hopes, and inherent potentials. Most days, anyway....

At any rate, I don't see any contradictions between these ideas and the teachings I learned when I joined, just as I don't see any inherent contradiction between Christian teachings and the Divine Principle. Merely different levels of expression of the same fundamental truth.

Then again, I'm the first to admit, I'm inclined to be naive and actively seek to divest myself of concerns of the politics of this community and 'church'. I'm grateful knowing that in fact, there are other brothers and sisters (who perhaps don't have that luxury), who carry a certain amount of 'pressure' or 'reality- busting' on my behalf. To you all, many of us, including myself, are indebted.

Long live True Love!

Kind regards

Andrew Lausberg

B.A., Grad. Dip. Korean, Japanese and English Translation 

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