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Clearer explanation about God of Night and God of Day

Andy Lausberg
February 13, 2012
Oceania Region Australia

Sun Myung Moon, Kook Jin Moon and Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

Please feel free to share the explanation. Just make sure that anyone who reads it knows that it originates from Rev. Jin Hun Yong of the Intl. HQ and that the description is from my own notes, and may therefore be less than perfect.

I've just finished a short 4-nation tour where I was interpreting for the Head of Education from the World Mission Dept. HQ. His lectures touched extensively on the God of Night, God of Day issue.

I hope to write up something that will be useful soon, but for now, in brevity:

God of Night is the God of mind, God of Day is the God of body. God of night is the subject God, and God of Day is the object God. God of night refers to the God that theology has traditionally discussed, aka the creator, the omnipresent God. The God of Day refers to perfectly completed Adam and Perfectly completed Eve coming together as one couple. Aka True Parents, or more correctly the Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind.

Although Father himself came as the original seed, he has had to walk the course of restoring a women from among fallen women to the position and role of complete and perfected Eve.

God, as we know him, has never been completely perfected, because A) he exists without form and B) he has had not complete object partner. As the standard of completion/perfection is the creation of a complete relationship with one's object partner to form a pair, the God without form needs to meet the God with form in order to be completed.

The path and process of restoring Eve to the position where she could recover everything lost at the fall, and then go through the other stages as well until both Adam and Even come together in the conditions originally meant to exist, has been the path up until Foundation Day.

Foundation day will be the day of the marriage between the God of Night (Heavenly Father) and the God of Day (our True Parents). At that time, together they will form, for the first time, the completed purpose of creation, where now God himself has his eternal pairing, and becomes complete.

In terms of the God of Night and the God of Day, Father is God in the adjectival sense. God is the inner, True Parents now the outer, and both have equal and equivalent value. It does not mean Father is somehow now transformed into the God of Night (the Creator God) but rather that the completion accomplished by True Parents stands on the same level of value as the God of Night, the Creator. Together, they form the God of Night and Day.

For example, if a son completely resembles his father, has the same attributes and character and even manners and behavior, then he becomes the Father, in a metaphorical sense, and in a value sense. However, he never is the Father. Thus, externally speaking the relation between God and True Parents is now like one generation and the next, or Parent and Offspring. But internally speaking, they have the same value and same qualities, and so are both "God" in that sense. It's actually an old idea, and relates to what Jesus was saying "He who has seen me has seen the Father". However, Jesus statement only referred to the individual level relationship. True Parents have moved on and at Foundation Day will have completed the same on all stages: individual,, family, clan, ethnic group, nation, world, cosmos, and God level.

Key to this idea is understanding that although Father himself has had all the content to be the perfect Adam, he himself is not "complete" until his object partner, his bride is also complete. Father explains that in fact one is defined by one's object. One is defined as a parent by the level or quality of one's child. Thus, Father is perfected through his partner, not by himself. Likewise, God too, will be completed through his object partner, True Parents. Father, in completing his object, had to not only recover Eve's position, but all the content lost by Eve at the fall, including daughter's heart, younger sister's heart, wife's heart, mother's heart, Grandmother's heart, queen's heart, the heart of the substantial perfect Eve, and the heart of the wife of God. All of this has been recovered up until now. These are the internal or vertical eight stages. Individual to God level are the horizontal eight stages.

Foundation day will the date when the ultimate last piece is put in place.

Rev. Yong (the lecturer) taught also that our job, from this point on, is to become one completed cell of the God of Day. True Parents are like the key or head cell of the whole body of the God of Day (hence, they are the God of Day). The rest of the cells still contain both good and evil. Our job is to remove the evil and become pure within ourselves, aka perfect completion, to become fully whole and good cells of the God of Day.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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