The Words of the Large Family

Importance of Tithing

Chris Large
August 1, 2004

This is a delicate, but what I feel should be an easy topic to write about, but I see as difficult to share. We have often talked about tithing, and it has been said that if all core UK members could offer the 10% tithing regularly, the movement in the UK would be in a far better situation financially to support activities both here and abroad. I know this is a very sensitive area for many members, and for what could be looked at as serious concerns and reasons, be it from national legal matters, to, Iím nearly bankrupt, or we have little as it is, canít get work, and so on.

However, I would like to ask, what have these reasons got to do with our own personal relationship with God? Isnít tithing is to do with bringing Godís blessing into our personal life and to our families. Recently True Father has said, "Why do you think that the Jewish people always seem to gain great benefits financially? Itís not because they are any better than others in finance, its because they have thousands of years of inheritance of their ancestors tithing."

From giving the best of their newborn lambs, in money, or other ways, tithing has continued to be given. This has nothing to do with how this money was used or spent, what could be looked at as rightly or wrongly, the point is; the people gave their tithes. Godís blessing will come to those who have given tithes in some way, no matter how small such tithing is.

As Dae Mon Nim has expressed so many times, about the seriousness of the misuse of public monies, do we really think our national leadership, especially Tim, who has been one of the few out of hundreds of elder brothers in our movement from Europe to attend extremely challenging w/shops could, even if he wanted to knowingly misuse such tithing? We need to pray for God to give clear direction and guidance in the lives of those He has placed in such a position to receive and use tithing monies wisely. Some things in the end may be seem as attempted too early, or looking back with hindsight we can see how we could have done differently to be more successful.

This again has nothing to do with if I personally should or should not tithe. Tithing is to do with my relationship with God and bringing His presence, His guidance and blessing into my life, the life of my family, and in the lives of my descendants. By not tithing at all, we do not make hardship come to others, we bring further hardship on ourselves, as the condition which enables God to bring greater blessing, including financially, to us and our families doesnít exist.

Remember the lady who gave the few pennies, which was all she had, and the rich people who gave their 10% that Jesus spoke about. Well, who did Jesus say would receive the greatest blessing? I met a bag lady once, pushing an old baby pushchair that was full of all her possessions, some tyres were missing from the wheels and she was struggling to push it in a straight line. All her clothes were rags. At the other end of this shopping area were well-dressed ladies in all their finery. I had asked for donations from these Ďrichí ladies, all of them looked at me with distaste and were complaining to each other that I should not be there. I was worried that further opposition would soon be coming. When this lady in rags came by I could not ask her for a donation, she had nothing anyway. She stopped next to me and said, "Donít you worry about those people." Then she opened her pocket and gave me all that was there, a few copper coins. Then she smiled and went on her way. Someone with nothing comforted and encouraged me then gave the little she had. I know where my heart went and where Godís future blessing will go.

I understand it is and can be so hard in our struggle even to get to survival level. Iím sorry if my letter brings out any ill feeling, however, I write to encourage each of us, including myself, to give tithing, or to continue to offer tithing, and step by step all our financial situations WILL improve.

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