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Letter To Brothers And Sisters From Suna Senman Lane

Suna Senman Lane
September 9, 2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

My name is Suna Senman Lane. I wanted to share with you some thoughts that I believe hold importance as we all enter into this critical time in history. First let me say that with gratitude to God, True Parents and Jesus I write all of you.

Historically we know that the first Israel was prepared to meet, greet and become one with the messiah. Why did they fail? The descendants of Jacob endured indemnity conditions, studied the word of God, followed the laws and yearned for the Messiah. Those who appeared to be the most reverent, the most devoted found comfort in their practice and were blind to the son of God when he appeared before them. They were unable to let go of their "security blankets" of religious practices and beliefs in order to walk naked before God that they may see Him in the son.

The second Israel was formed from those in the first Israel who were "blessedly meek" and humble, as well as non-Jews who were not blinded by religious arrogance. The second Israel, Christianity, developed according to interpretations and memoirs of Jesus. From these interpretations and memories of Jesus' teachings and the aspect of salvation by faith as taught by Paul, and the second coming on the clouds, once again religion became the dark shades that prevented many from seeing God in the Lord of the Second Advent.

What does it mean now to the world and those of us who have been part of the third and currently the fourth Israel? We must learn from the first two Historical Israels, their trials and misdirections.

About 6 weeks ago I had a dream (prior to Father's announcement of the fourth Israel). In the dream I was entering into Father's new realm. I was carrying two beanie baby size security items with me. As I was about to go through the door, a brother stopped me and said, "You can't bring those with you."

I said, "Why not? I did last time." (Meaning when I first entered the realm of True Parents and joined the Unification Church.)

He paused and looked at me as I looked at him. He replied, "Exactly."

I knew the meaning of the dream. We must loosen all our "security items": our pride in having spiritual experiences, our arrogance in believing we know DP just because we have studied and taught for 20-30 years, etc. Are we not to become true children of God and True Parents? I know that you agree that we are indeed.

Father's words:

In Heaven, we live in an atmosphere of deep and moving love. Feelings of freedom, happiness and joy arise naturally. We experience deep emotion and passionate love for evermore. People in Heaven always have bright and peaceful faces. Without words, they voluntarily help each other and care for each other. There is no conflict, hatred, or fallen nature such as envy, jealousy or arrogance to be found. The Kingdom of Heaven is filled with nothing but true love, which ever prompts people to live for each other.

No one, regardless of how good his or her earthly life, can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without eradicating the original sin through the True Parents' Blessing. To enter Heaven, we should be as faultless as a diamond and as clear as crystal. This means the establishment of the great family of people who live as unchangeable filial children of God. Only those people who live centering on absolute goodness and live their life in accordance with the Principle can prosper in the new age. The beneficence of God's direct dominion of love revives people's original nature, by which they can make a reciprocal relationship with God.

"The Opening of the Gate to Cheon Il Guk through the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony of the Parents of Heaven and Earth" February 6, 2003, (Written by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director, North America, under the direction of our True Parents.)

If I look at myself honestly, I am judged by Father's words. I welcome the judgement. The judgement prompts me to cleanse more thoroughly in order to reach the standard of Heaven, which creates the Kingdom of Heaven. God has waited too long for us to fulfill our portion of responsibility. There is no obstacle other than ourselves at this point. Father has dissolved boundaries. Father has given the blessing and the Holy Wine.

God knows how difficult our little responsibility is for us to fulfill. He does not abandon us. God sent Jesus to humanity 2000 years ago. Jesus has endlessly toiled to help us. Jesus is the elder brother who reaches out to us to help us restore ourselves while True Parents are working at the cosmic level. True Parents are the parents. The elder brother helps the children come to the parents.

Father's words:

Jesus promoted the Kingdom of Heaven within the mind. He asserted his oneness with God, saying that God lived in his heart. Moreover, he said he was to govern the whole universe. Holding up the motto of love toward all of humanity, he said," I am God's son, and you are my friends and brothers." You must understand that the value of Jesus as the Messiah is contained in those words.

"The Whole Universe is Searching for the One Day of Love", Feb. 16, 1958

The religious group, people and world who meet the true leader without tears will be doomed. It is a basic principle they will be doomed. Although Jesus clung to the sect and mourned, he was chased out of it. Although he embraced the people and cried, he was betrayed by them. Although he shouldered the world and cried in blood and sweat, the world did not recognize him. The true shepherd is this kind of person. A true friend and a true teacher are also this kind of person. If you have found the true shepherd, you must listen to his words will all your heart and be able to pour out all your mind and body.

"The True Shepherd and His Flock; the False Shepherd and His Flock", April 6, 1958

Jesus is the elder brother who can bring us to True Parents. He brings our heart and soul to the place of True Parents. First we must find Jesus, find who he is working with on earth. Then we must have the clarity of sight to recognize and follow Jesus. Studying Father's words from his speeches from the beginning of HSAUWC guides us to Jesus, the son, who can bring us to the Father. We know the principled path. We cannot jump directly to True Parents, we must go through the internal central figure to meet the Father. In addition to Father's blood lineage son, Heung Jin Nim, we have an elder brother in Jesus who addresses our personal spiritual problems. We must thirst for his words as guidance so that we can become people of substance, the internal Cheon Il Guk. Our thirst will be quenched and we will be able to successfully build the Kingdom of Heaven within, that will show externally.

On Sunday, September 7, 2003, Father said at East Garden Hon Dook Hae, " Problem is Chung Il People. Younger follow elder brother. One mind, one body, one core. Overcome one problem (today), then one more (the next day), one more, one more to be liberated." I wrote these words exactly as Father spoke them in English. I understand Father saying that we build heaven from the individual to the family to the tribe, etc. The world wide Kingdom of Heaven is built upon the individual Kingdom of heaven, the family Heaven etc. Father said, "If not Kingdom of Heaven inside, no Kingdom of Heaven outside." (Sunday, September 7, 2003). Let us not fail to build the Kingdom of Heaven within as the three former Israels failed to do. The weight of world wide foundations cannot be sustained upon empty shells.

Please respond to me. Let us work together to solve our problems preventing our personal heaven from emerging and bring success for Heaven over all.

Sincerely, Your Sister Suna
Graduate of UTS 1987

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