The Words of the Lamson Family

Africa and Interracial Marriages

Michael Lamson
March 4, 2001

Life in Africa is difficult period. It is difficult for the members, the missionaries, the leaders and the National Messiahs (NMs). Money does not come into African countries other than to the HQ from Unification Church (UC) groups and even then it is not much .

Most NMs look for their own money and most give most of it away to members in need. They are not supported by the UC groups as there has never been a budget to support the NM mission.

Many members will always look at the missionaries and NMs and think that they are taking money from the church that should be for them and this will not change anytime soon. Within our own movement we have many problems and the biggest is our lack of faith in each other.

The problems being discussed at this time are not only in Africa. The same problems between members and leaders can be found in every country. What makes the problem a little bigger in Africa is that much of the hope members gained from the introduction of the Unification movement was centered on economic salvation as here there are no other ways of getting out of poverty and it is a priority.

The best way for our movement to grow and advance in Africa is to supply members not only with love and truth but also with jobs so that they can also take care of themselves and their families.

Members do often come to our family for financial assistance and 90% of the time the need is real and without the assistance their family would be in jeopardy. We almost always give the assistance but we do so with the approval of the National Leader. You can imagine how this destroys any budget we try to make and in reality we find ourselves often with nothing and no one here to help us.

We however try not to complain and try to look at this as our cross and blessing. Each day our future is uncertain but each day we are surrounded by a wonderful spiritual world and much joy.

Building heaven and restoring ourselves is not an easy task but it is one that we only have a limited time to do. Father may die next week. Our time to serve the messiah while he is alive on this earth is I think very short. Lets don't waste even a day.

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