The Words of the Lamson Family


Michael Lamson
June 3, 2001

Life is never easy is it. If you go to NY to build WANGO and I move into other areas of intervention and Kathy and John are gone what will happen to IRFF?

We just had our general meeting and it seems we will retain the name IRFF but leave off the Inc. and reregister as an African NGO. Most things will remain the same and as far as the mission statement and objectives so if IRFF international gets started again they can use what we are doing.

In most of the conferences held by IIFWP/WANGO - IRFF projects were what made the biggest impact on those attending. There were concepts developed in the conference that IRFF would be active in the interventions of IIFWP/WANGO - without IRFF/RYS being active I think it will be difficult for IIFWP/WANGO to move out of the conference arena into practical concrete ventures. If you move into a position to build WANGO maybe you could use IRFF as one of the main bridges for project development as it already has a history.

I wish I could spend more time with UC organizations as they have a connection directly to heaven but I am starting to realize that the position I hold is too small to have a direct impact on where these organizations are going. I do not know if God will grant me a long life as here in Africa death is an everyday reality that makes one more serious about where to invest energies. There is so much suffering and so much work to do as concerns saving a nation for Father that we must move forward and make offerings in a very short time.

I am not really negative but just sad. It often seems that each of us need to create our own programs to meet up with what is required by Father. It is rare that as a movement we speak with one united voice or that the Korean leadership communicates with those of us in the field.

Anyway we know what we must do through the many memos coming from HQ and even with no support or understanding we will offer to Father what he needs because he is our everything and our greatest love...

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